la rivière de jade…

la rivière de jade coule lentement vers le Pacifique, alors que les roches géantes demeurent impassibles et les mots se taisent devant un décor époustouflant… aucune passerelle en vue, je suis ses méandres qui me portent vers un monde enchanté, et j’arrive finalement à ton rivage où l’eau devient cristal limpide… assoiffé et affamé, le temps de l’amour se fige sur un chevalet vivant aux couleurs magiques…
* * *
stunning Yoggo river valley – northeast side of the Yakushima Island, Nihon-Japan – the Beautiful… 🙂

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the jade river flows peacefully to the Pacific, whilst the giant rocks dwell impassive and words are voiceless before the breathtaking scenery… no footbridge around, I follow its meanders which carry me to an enchanted realm, and I eventually join your pebbly strand where the water turns crystal clear… thirsty and hungry, the time of love freezes over a living easel made of magical colors…


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Posted on 20 July 2015, in melanie. Bookmark the permalink. 11 Comments.

  1. An enchanting magical wonderland Melanie, and beautifully described.

  2. What a lovely looking place 🙂

  3. Frumoase fotografii, într-adevăr verdele este superb, de jad!

  4. a river flows through us! Beautiful, Melanie!

  5. Adevărat râu de jad… Frumoase fotografii, dragă Melania, și frumoase locuri. Să ai o săptămână bună, dacă se poate fără canicula care pe aici își face de cap! 🙂

  6. Beautiful place – well captured.

  7. Le temps de l’amour is flowing in you with the stream of a peaceful river, no casualty to an Ocean called Pacific ^_^ – there is something magical about your travels to Yakushima, perhaps because it looks like an untouched forest.

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