between Fujiyama and Nagano…

avec cette canicule insupportable, je voudrais être parmi les ombres de ce lac de montagne où le ciel azur et les bois verts deviennent couleurs vivantes… la sérénité s’y est installée depuis un certain temps et les sommets restent piégés dans leur propre réflexion… leurs empreintes au-dessus de l’eau cristalline demeurent enfermées dans un ancien cratère… j’écoute le silence régnant – plus profond qu’ailleurs, tandis que l’imagination et les pensées se libèrent…

le jade de mes yeux regarde l’horizon infini, avec émotion sismique et pure joie d’être en vie, réalisant une fois de plus que le bonheur simple est juste un état d’esprit… les mots s’effacent devant cette beauté irrésistible, mon cœur fond avec la neige de Monsieur Fujiyama(Fuji-san) – éternelle pyramide volcanique, symbole de toute une nation… l’appel de la Nature est de plus en plus intense, urgent, vital, mais je sais déjà que j’y retournerai avec les premières fleurs de “sakura”… 🙂

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on this unbearable heatwave, I’d like to be among the shadows of the mountain lake where azure sky and green woods turn into living colors… serenity has settled down for awhile and the peaks have gotten trapped within their own reflection… their prints over the crystal water are enclosed in an old crater… I listen to the reigning silence – deeper than elsewhere, as both imagination and thoughts break free…

the jade of my eyes stares at the endless horizon, with seismic emotion and pure joy of being alive, realizing once again that simple happiness is just a state of mind… words fade away in front of this overwhelming beauty, my heart melts up with the snow of Mr Fujiyama(Fuji-san) – eternal and volcanic pyramid, symbol of a whole nation… Nature’s call is more and more haunting, urgent, vital, but I already know I’ll be back with the first “sakura” flowers… 🙂   


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  1. It seems that you’ve developed the ability to travel in mind, heart and spirit. I envy you for this and I hope that it’s an ability that I can develop as well 🙂

  2. So beautifully refreshing Melanie. Thank you!

  3. Amazing sights and description!

  4. What fantastic views. I can see why your heart melts. 🙂 Love and Blessings. Enjoy your week, Melanie! Hugs, Sue ❤

  5. Breathtaking views via your lens! 🙂

  6. Minunat! Ca de obicei nu te dezminți, la tine cântă culoarea, sunetul, litera… 🙂

  7. Beautiful! ❤

  8. Gorgeous, Mélanie! I especially love the reflections in the the water. I agree with the others. It’s the perfect way to launch to day. The week. Thanks for the mini-retreat!

  9. Lovely cool images to refresh your eyes and spirit. 🙂

  10. Those are beautiful photos. I can feel the cool air! 🙂

  11. Just beautiful, and it is exactly what I needed to read this morning! 😉 We’ve state vacation and the airlines lost my husband’s luggage… We have been looking at this situation all wrong. You have helped me realize this!!! 😉

  12. Beautiful pictures and description Melanie, reflections trapped in crystal clear waters, truly Fuji San is the iconic emblem of Japan.

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