“She’s my kind of rain…”

après la dernière pluie de juillet, le sourire des hibiscus se voit et s’entend, comme un ensemble de cristaux tombés avec une pluie d’étoiles filantes… les mots sentent la lavande et restent suspendus à un baiser au goût de pêche mure… des souvenirs récents nous rappellent la promesse de l’Éternité: toi et moi ensemble sur le chemin de notre vie nos larmes de joie se dispersent dans le silence de l’univers émerveillé… 🙂

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after the last rain of July, you can see and hear the smile of the hibiscus flowers that sounds like a set of crystals fallen with a shower of shooting stars… words smell lavender and stay hooked to a kiss with a foretaste of ripe peach… recent memories remind us of Eternity’s promise: you and I together along our lifetime journey… our tears of joy spread over the silence of the universe rapt with wonder… 🙂
* * *
Tim McGraw – She’s My Kind of Rain… 🙂


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  1. What’s better than a little Tim McGraw and hibiscus flowers. Thanks for the bright spot. 🙂

  2. I can imagine the joy of the plants to receive the blessing of rain.

  3. Magnifique hibiscus aux perles de pluie. J’aime beaucoup aussi la photo où vous soutenez la colonne de la maison, chacun à sa façon! 😉 Bonne semaine, Mélanie! Bisous!

  4. I trust that column remained standing after you and the cat stopped holding it up, and is now a pillar of strength. If so, both of you deserve best supporting actor awards. 🙂

  5. Buna dimineata! Vad ca e rasfatat pisoiul tau , il tii la casa, al meu sta chinuit la bloc, cred (?) . Imi place cocktailul de picuri de pe florile tale. Numai ganduri bune!

    • 🙂 bonsoir! toate felinele noastre au avut casa cu gradina, dar multe se acomodeaza si-n apartament, daca-s obisnuite “asa” de mici… aceleasi gânduri amicale si-o seara placuta! 🙂

  6. Magnifique! You look cool and collected, the cat, too!

  7. Looks summery, lovely hibiscus flower! You look relaxed and cool!!! 🙂

  8. Mai frumoasă decât floarea, doar femeia poate fi! Admirație, dragă Mélanie!

  9. C’est rafraîchissant d’entrer ici Mélanie! Bonne soirée et bon d’août tout entier! Amitiés! ❤ 🙂

  10. Happy August. Thanks for the lavender.😀

  11. La Harpie Feroce

    Magnifique hibiscus, c’est lui Motto le chat? il a l’air bien nourri.

  12. Very pretty hibiscus. Do they grow in France, too? Or are you someplace more tropical in those photos?

    • yep, each year, they grow and show up throughout my “pyracantha”(burning bush!) hedge… 🙂

      • That hedge is burning bush? I like the way it looks. We too have a hedge but ours is jasmine. I’m curious as to how long it took to reach that height and how often it needs trimming. I love the jasmine but it grows so much, especially during the rainy season that we have to trim it every two to three weeks.

        • yep, I do confirm… 🙂 it’s more popular than jasmine here, it grows slowly the first year, and from October thru March, since we do have 4 seasons in “old Europe”… 😉 ours is quite old and we trim it between April and October about 4-5 times!

  13. Beyond the lavender
    There awaits
    A smile
    A smile for the lonely
    And that, is more
    So much more
    Than enough
    Thank you
    For being you…

  14. We had heavy rain Thursday night. Petals all over the place. Beautiful pictures and words to match.

  15. Vakker dame❤️

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