ballet des voiles @ Cancale, Bretagne…

Cancale est un port et une pittoresque station balnéaire dans la célèbre baie du Mont Saint Michel…

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“ballet of sails” @ Cancale, Brittany… Cancale is a harbor and a picturesque resort in the famous Mont Saint Michel bay.
* * *
Have an Atlantic blue week, folks! 🙂


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  1. Very beautiful pictures!!!

  2. C’est pas bancal Cancale – très joli même!

  3. Hi my Melanie! 🙂

    Wow, how peaceful that looks. Thank you for sharing such beauty. Have a great day. Hugs Paula xxx

  4. A “Ballet of Sails” inspires lovely animated features in my mind’s eye to the soundtrack of the great composers… And an “Atlantic Blue Week” to you, too, Melanie 🙂

  5. So beautiful, Mélanie. Looks like my kind of place. 🙂

  6. wonderful to see boats playing! 🙂

  7. Minunate imagini, iar marea este superbă ca întotdeauna. O săptămână frumoasă!

  8. I love sailing, and I love your post.

  9. I want to be there! On a sailing dinghy! Now all I have to do is win a lot of money…

  10. Beautiful. When I used to paint, sail boats and sloops were one of my favorite subjects. I would love to see so many different types at one time, the places I painted didn’t have this diversity. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Magnifique! Bonne fin de ce jour Mélanie et agréable semaine toute entière! ❤ 🙂

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