si j’habitais au bord de la mer…

si j’habitais au bord de la mer, j’irais tous les soirs vers l’horizon afin de capturer la lumière des derniers rayons du soleil – étoile suprême et génial peintre… je regarde le ciel et ses couleurs astrales, je scrute son arrière-plan dont la magie est une sorte de poésie qui illumine l’univers avec son sourire… éblouie par l’incandescence de l’essentiel, je réalise que tout ce qui est insignifiant disparaît, brûlé par des vérités dépourvues de sens… la nature regroupe et mélange les nuances de l’amour et de la joie en quelques mots divins pour exprimer la forte sensation de mes sentiments… ma plus belle histoire aura été un véritable et sincère “coup de foudre” avec un crépuscule hawaïen qui me fait encore battre mon cœur, en me répétant que nous avons le choix de décider SI la vie est belle… je sais que nous avons tous plusieurs verbes en commun: voir, regarder, aimer, toucher, partir, oublier et surtout VIVRE… au fait, je pense que mes photos “parlent” mieux que moi… 🙂

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if I lived by the sea, each evening, I would walk towards the horizon to capture the light of the latest rays of the sun – supreme star and brilliant painter… I watch the sky and its starry colors, I glance at its background, whose magic is a kind of poetry that brightens up the universe with its smile… dazzled by the glow of its essence, I realize that all that is insignificant fades out, burned up by meaningless truths… nature collects and blends the shades of love and joy into divine words to express the deep thrill of my feelings… my loveliest story will have been a genuine and candid “love at first sight” with a Hawaiian dusk which still makes my heart beat, repeating to me that we do have the choice to decide IF life is beautiful… I know we all have several verbs in common: to see, to look, to love, to touch, to leave, to forget and above all TO LIVE… btw, I guess that my pictures “speak out” better than me… 🙂


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  1. You express it very well both ways… words and images… I love that the sunset’s beauty is enhanced by being seen through earth’s branches.

    I particularly delighted in:”nature collects and blends the shades of love and joy into divine words to express the deep thrill of my feelings…”

    Was also happy that I could get the gist of what you wrote in French before reading the English. It won’t help me in communicating, but I am surprised to find that at my age without much chance to reinforce the learning, I still remember some of my college French. It is a beautiful language.

  2. You speak out as well as your pictures.

  3. Very beautiful, Melanie.

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