paseo de los dragos…

voici des palmiers “dragons”… secoués et tressés par la brise atlantique, bercés d’espoir, par temps dégagé ou couvert, ils regardent constamment vers les côtes africaines, impatients de caresser les étoiles avant l’aube… 🙂
* * *
these are “dragon” palm trees… shaken and braided by the Atlantic winds, rocked by hope, on clear or overcast weather, they always watch the African coasts and they look forward to cuddling the stars before dawn… 🙂
* * *
Jardin Canario – Gran Canaria island…

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Los dragos de las Canarias ou “palmiers au sang de dragon” sont des arbres légendaires dont la sève est rougeâtre, comme le sol volcanique; ils poussent et ils se développent très lentement, mais ils vivent aussi longtemps que les autres espèces de palmiers.
* * *
Los dragos of the Canary islands or “dragon blood palms” are legendary trees, their sap is reddish, like the volcanic soil… they grow and they develop very slowly, but they live as long as the ordinary species of palm trees.


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  1. C’est quoi ces arbres ? mdrrrr .

  2. 🙂 Con gran simpatia. Gracias!

  3. Am vazut palmierii din Elche (Spania), sunt un miracol… Palmierii tai întind “bratele” spre lumina, sunt minunati! O zi senina! 🙂

  4. Fascinating looking trees. I particularly like the photo where one looks that your headdress. 🙂

  5. Foarte expresivi copacii… par că au de spus povești. 🙂

  6. Qu’ils sont jolis, ces arbres, Mélanie! Bonne fin d’après-midi à toi et agréable soirée! Amitiés 🙂 ❤

  7. Very friendly dragons. 😉

  8. Extraordinary trees Melanie, and quite diverse shapes, very exotic, you state they are slow to grow, yet live as long as other palms, how long does it take to grow to that size?…

  9. Never been to the Canaries, but on vacation in Portugal I noticed the Atlantic is rich in so many different trees – from unusual conifers to the frankly tropical. We are so lucky… 🙂

    • We’ve visited the 4 main Canary islands(3h-flight from Toulouse!) that I highly recommend, and 2 small ones are on our list… 🙂 lucky?!… dunno, as far as I’m concerned, it’s always been a question of personal choices and mutual decisons… 😉

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