4 late summer “love affairs”…:-)

summertime is still around,’cause Fall starts September 22nd… 🙂

Lady Fall spreads up and prevails over anything, “she” proudly exists and “she” does last throughout a permanent bliss of pure delight… from dawn to dusk, Earth and heaven make love across dazzling sunshine and pearly moonlight… lapping waves cuddle the shores of our life, sweeping away anger, pain, tension, frustration, fear, apprehension, tears… let’s dive into its catchy joy, and let’s take some time to ourselves! 🙂

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Summer Love… – Paul Callus(Maltese poet)

Give us a multi-coloured dawn when all the world is still asleep.
Enthralled we search for lips with earnest greed in passionate embrace
Before the sun arises and our love like dew dissolves.
Silence, when day has gone to rest and moonlit sky takes centre stage.
Whisper; while in my arms I hold you tight within the summer night.
Love me, as gentle fingers pluck the vibrant strings to my heart…


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  1. Beautiful words and thoughts, eternal peace. 🙂

  2. Beautiful words reflected in the colorful flowers in the pictures.

  3. After our bit of snow last weekend we are back to summer temperatures. We are soaking up every moment of it but as the cool breeze of fall wafts in my window I know the change of seasons is near.

  4. Nice flowers in your photographs and serene love in your words, Fall season gal! 😉

  5. Photos and words, incredibly wonderful.

  6. Oh Melanie, si belles! My roses are still blooming, too. Leslie

  7. lovely
    or any
    of year 🙂

  8. Where did summer go? 😉 I’m just not ready for Fall.

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