Nihon – eternal Phoenix…

N.B. This post is dedicated to Kyoko & Nobuo, my dear Japanese friends who live in the Aso National Park area:

motto:”Complete friendship is universal and only this one can be absolute. Any other particular bond lacks of profoundness – if it doesn’t open up to THE universal friendship.”(Jean Guitton)

quakes and fire have turned you into an eternal Phoenix… you opened up your wings and took off quietly, after having chosen the freedom to fly towards the invisible horizon… you’ve left behind your amber light, the meanders of your soul and your ashes all over my skin… it’s raining salty drops, your shadow slips down into my lotus-shaped heart, it’s beating wildly, taking my breath away and getting lost within your temporary absence… I’m invaded by the tenderness of a few moments from our past – a late dream, crying its sealed pain throughout a turquoise kiss of the Pacific… the rain’s tears hurt my face, they cover me up, whilst darkness becomes transparent over my closed eyelids…

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oxygen is rare, as it’s remained hung above our secret garden, I’m speechless and I think of you again and again… I can feel you touching my shoulders, I recognize your voice whispering sweet words to me, you hold me in your arms and you immediately vanish back into the silence of your constellation… your rays burn me up, they pierce me like a laser, I already know we’ll meet again in my unique illusion of our northern summer… you repeated to me before you flew away:”I’ll come back to you…” – cruel and violent love, intense and fantastic, just like our life… time and space have remained silent, the sun shines among restored hopes, and it fades out in the gap of my memories… the clouds smell lavender and rosemary, the sky smiles at me, you’re my present and I’ll always miss you, my Phoenix-Nihon… ❤
* * *
P.S. My friends took me to Mt. Aso where some scenes of a James Bond movie were shot:”You Only Live Twice!” with Sean Connery – THE 007 – by definition and by excellence:”welcome to Japan, Mr Bond!” 🙂


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  1. beautiful and dramatic images and a moving tribute Melanie!

  2. Beautiful. I saw You only live twice at a small cinema in the town of Ramsey in the UK the weekend it was released. I went with my brother. I was 7 or 8 I think? It cost sixpence. 😉

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