“A bright rainbow doesn’t alter the sky…”

“Méditer m’a changé. A la source du bonheur ou de la souffrance se trouve la simplicité naturelle de l’esprit. La vie est aussi éphémère qu’une goutte de rosée à la pointe d’un brin d’herbe ou sur le pétale d’une fleur. Un arc-en-ciel lumineux n’altère pas le ciel. Lorsqu’il y apparaît, vous pouvez contempler ses belles couleurs, mais vous ne pouvez l’attraper. Il naît de la conjonction de différents facteurs, mais rien en lui ne peut être saisi. Il en va de même pour nos pensées. Elles se manifestent dans l’esprit, mais elles sont dépourvues de réalité tangible ou de solidité intrinsèque. Aucune raison logique ne justifie donc que les pensées – qui sont in-substantielles – disposent de tant de pouvoir sur vous, aucune raison pour que vous en soyez l’esclave. Laissons toute chose dans le vaste espace du détachement…”(Matthieu Ricard)
* * *
Icelandic rainbow – pix taken in Iceland last week by one of my family members… 🙂

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“Meditating has changed me. The source of happiness or pain is the natural simplicity of our mind. Life is as fleeting as a drop of dew on the tip of a blade of grass or a flower petal. A bright rainbow doesn’t alter the sky. Whenever it shows up in the sky, you can admire its beautiful colors, but you can’t catch it. It arises from the combination of different factors, but nothing in it can be grasped. Our thoughts function this way, too. They grow inside our mind, but they have no tangible reality or intrinsic strength. No logical reason could justify our thoughts – which are insubstantial and have so much power over us, but there’s no reason for us to be their slave. Let’s abandon each and every thing in the vast space of detachment…”(Matthieu Ricard)
* * *
N.B. Matthieu Ricard is a French scientist who has been a Buddhist monk for over 4 decades. He’s also a photographer and an author, Dalai Lama’s interpreter-translator, an active member of the “Mind and Life Institute”, whose main goal is to improve collaboration between Buddhism and modern science. He’s often participated in various research programs on the effects of meditation, both as a research subject and as a contributor. His blog is very interesting: http://www.matthieuricard.org/


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  1. Like the quote. Didn’t understand la Harpie Feroce’s response. It seemed like they said, I like the photos, but not the Ricard, I am culturally catholic (small c = universal?), it is not the same message (belief ?) that I know? believe?

  2. Je like pour les photos, pas pour le Ricard, je suis catholique culturellement, ce n’est pas le même message que le sien.

  3. Beautiful Rainbows Melanie, I always find them mesmerizing, so many songs and poetry have been written about them, it’s as if they have some sort of mystical, magical powers.

  4. I always feel something is communicating with us whenever I see a rainbow! and yes, they’re so unsubstantial. Thanks for the link, I just admired more gorgeous photos there!

  5. Meditation is one of those things I’ve dabbled in, and know I should do. Unfortunately I spend more time thinking about it than actually doing it. Lovely over-the-rainbow shot!

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