Gion District, Kyoto, Nihon-Japan…:-)

sourire timide aux lèvres, elle marche le long du sentier de l’automne… des secondes magiques dans la solitude du temps, même le ciel soupire… ses yeux sont rivés sur l’horizon infini où l’éternité devient floue… 🙂

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shy smile on her face, she’s walking along Fall’s lane… magical seconds across the solitude of time, even the sky is sighing… her eyes are wide open to the endless horizon where eternity is getting blurred… 🙂
* * *
more about wonderful Kyoto @…/kyoto-mon-amour/


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Posted on 3 October 2015, in melanie. Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. This was such lovely poetic words to go with beautiful photo, Melanie.

  2. Beautiful images, but they are so shy… managed to get a couple of images, too. Poor girls, they hunted by photographers. They are like butterflies.

  3. Quelle élégance dans ces costumes traditionnels!

  4. so happily they also remind me of a visit there decades ago, thanks! 🙂

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