back to Heavenly Ropes aka Cordes-sur-Ciel…:-)

une fois en-haut de la cité des “cordes célestes”, on a l’impression de dominer l’horizon infini, en contemplant des centaines d’années d’histoire… on arpente les ruelles et les allées étroites qui nous transportent dans une ambiance médiévale, vers le 13e siècle et son architecture gothique splendide… au pied de la bastide, une image surréaliste: le brouillard rose venait de couvrir la vallée et Cordes-sur-ciel donnait l’impression de flotter au-dessus des nuages… un petit coin de paradis occitan, à 1h de Toulouse… 🙂

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once at the top of the “heavenly ropes”, you feel like dominating the endless horizon and contemplating hundreds of years of history… you walk up along narrow lanes and alleys that lead you into a medieval atmosphere of the 13th century gothic architecture and its splendor… at the foot of the village, a surrealist image: the pink fog had just covered the valley and Cordes-sur-Ciel looked like floating above the clouds… a tiny Occitan heaven, 1h-drive from Toulouse… 🙂
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Have a colorful and pleasant November, guys! 🙂


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  1. I love the history of cities… In the US, there are short histories which makes what you have heard so awesome and inspiring. Beautiful and rich in culture, not a bad combination.

    • you’re right about the US… I lived over there for 5 years and I visited more than 1/2 of the US-states! 🙂

      • My goal is to begin visiting more places in the US once I relocate back (although chances are I’ll always bounce between HK and the USA!). You’ve been to many more places in the States than I have, that I know for sure 🙂 Happy trails to you ~

  2. Voilà un endroit que j’ai vraiment envie de visiter! Bonne soirée, Mo

  3. there is something about a town on a hillside! beautiful, Mel!

  4. Thank you for reminding me–my daughter fell in love with this heavenly place when she visited while studying in Toulouse I taped a large post card that she sent us from there on the wall in the kitchen of our old home. Sadly, it was lost as part of the move… And Toulouse! What a magical time we had when we visited. Thank you for stirring up those lovely memories. xoxo

  5. October is a good month here, too, but for different reasons.

  6. Your pictures are unbelievable Melanie, they really show an ancient world, still existing in today’s modern architecture. The beauty of those old buildings, is that they not only have character, but they all tell a story by their very existence. There is Peace and Simplicity in life in those buildings, compared to the the atmosphere around today’s constructions, personally I would, if possible, like to live in your world. Best wishes and kind regards.

  7. I’m very thankful that mom and I had gotten a chance to visit there with you, guys. Wonderful memories.

  8. Beautiful. Really liked the vine-like fall leaves. – Curt

  9. This is truly wondrous. Magnifique. Could I live /retire to a place like this? Bien-sûr. In a heartbeat!

  10. It’s so impressive to even think about something that old. Great pictures. It looks like you had a lovely day.

  11. Mulțumesc mult, Melanie dragă, locuri cu adevărat fantastice. Probabil, e o fericire specială să te afli în acele locuri pitorești. Să ai un noiembrie plin de bucurii și dragoste. Cu admirație, Maria Botnaru, Chișinău, Basarabia.

    • cu bucurie, Maria… Franta e si anu’ asta cea mai turistica(vizitata) tara din lume, iar regiunea noastra e extrem de pitoreasca! multumesc si-aceleasi urari din partea mea…

  12. Si belle, Melanie, merci. Leslie

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