Paris, mon amour…

je pleure avec TOI… ❤ j’y ai vécu dans les années-80, lorsque Paris a déjà été frappé par des attentats, dont un de la rue Marbeuf que j’ai entendu, depuis les Champs-Élysées, où je me baladais avec ma feu-mère… nos 2 enfants y sont nés, je suis étroitement liée, attachée à Paris – à la vie, à la mort… aujourd’hui, j’ai mal à la France, ma patrie, mais je sais que “No pasarán!” – ils ne passeront pas! Vive Paris, vive la France et vive la VIE! Les Allemands et les Hollandais ont un dicton:”nous avons tous 2 patries: la nôtre et la France!” Sincères condoléances à tous ceux qui ont perdu leurs proches dans cette tragédie… ❤ N.B. la devise de Paris est:”Fluctuat nec mergitur!” – “battu par les flots, mais ne sombre pas!”

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Paris, my love, my heart is weeping with YOU… ❤ I lived there in the 80s, when Paris was already hit by terrorist attacks, including one, Marbeuf street that I could hear from the Champs-Elysees, while I was walking with my late mother… our 2 kids were born in Paris, I am closely linked, bound, connected to IT – to life and death… France, my homeland grieves today, but I know that “No pasarán ” – they shall not pass! Long live Paris, long live France and long live LIFE! The Germans and the Dutch have a saying:”we all have 2 homelands: ours and France!” Heartfelt condolences to all those who have lost their loved ones in this tragedy… ❤ N.B. Paris motto is:”Fluctuat nec mergitur!” – “Tossed but not sunk!”
* * *
P.S. like lots of Americans, Woody Allen has loved Paris for decades because:”Paris is incredible, there’s no city like this in the world!”


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  1. Wishing you the very best Melanie ~ even with this sadness of this horrific event, you capture such great spirit, love and greatness with France.

  2. Merci Mélanie.
    Nous aussi nous habitions Paris avec nos deux filles lors de l’attentat de la rue Marbeuf. Oú se trouvaient les bureaux de mon père… 😦

    Mais les Français ont trouvé la réponse:
    “Même pas peur”!

  3. God bless Paris and the Parisians!

  4. Our hearts are heavy with sadness here in Canada, Melanie. Nous sommes Paris. xoxo ❤ Vive Le France!

  5. We cry in London for you Paris but not in despair but in the knowledge that your beauty will survive all this evil.

  6. Si on a vecu à Paris, on la porte dans son coeur pour toujours. Je pleure avec toi.

  7. Paris is my most treasured city in the world. I imagine that it is the most loved city in the world, so the terrorists are striking at all our hearts. But Paris has survived much worse and will survive this. All the people of Paris are in our hearts and prayers.

  8. Words seem so inadequate at such a time. I can think of nothing to add to what I said at the end of my own post today… except vive la France!

  9. The whole world grieves for Paris… such a tragedy. My heart goes out to all affected.

  10. Difficile encore de réaliser ce qui vient de se passer, comme toi j’ai connu les attentats des années 80, mais cette guerre déclarée cette fois-ci, revêt une toute autre ampleur. Toutes mes pensées aux familles des victimes. Bises!

  11. My heart joins yours Melanie, It is heartbreaking for all of those caught up within this terrible crime against humanity. My thoughts and condolences are with the families of all who are suffering right now. Love and Blessings, Sue

  12. A beautiful tribute Melanie, the city of romance, should never have had to feel the pain of hatred. France will persevere and stand in full glory.

  13. Reblogged this on foundinfrance and commented:
    Merci Mélanie!

  14. ❤ Merci beaucoup mon amie et VIVE LA FRANCE!

  15. Our hearts ache for the people of Paris.

  16. In first place I feel fortunate that you are well, Mélanie. You travel so much to many places so it was a (first) good news to see your publication… There is no place for terror in this world. Se te quiere mucho.

  17. Such heart rending scenes, Mélanie. I cry for the people of Paris. xxx

  18. In the US our hearts are broken. Sending love, and prayers, and support to Paris and all of France.

  19. Quelle tristesse, en effet, Mélanie! En pensée et de tout ❤ avec vous, toutes et tous de là-bas! Amitiés ❤

  20. Melanie, we were so sad to hear about the events in Paris. Part of it happened in our old neighbourhood the 11 arrondissement. They are trying to tell us something. Leslie

  21. C’est d’une tristesse ces actes, rien ne justifie cette barbarie, ils ne méritent pas le nom d’êtres humains… On ne peut que penser aux victimes et à leurs proches…

  22. Le post parfait en ce matin. Comme plusieurs de tes amis ci-haut, je rêve à la journée où l’amour triomphera. En attendant, demeure fort, Paris. Mes sympathies à tous ceux qui ont perdu des amours et ont été blessés. Much love from your little sister, Quebec.

  23. A friend of mine said:”they will not break Paris or any of us. Evil will not win.” I agree with her.

  24. may Paris heal & feel safe despite such tragedy.

  25. Such a senseless and horrible tragedy, my thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone in Paris.

  26. Mél@nie, condoleanțe poporului francez! Tragedia este a noastră, a tuturor! Dumnezeu să ne aibă în pază!(Sper din suflet că tu și cei apropiați sunteți bine!)

  27. Such a nice tribute and such good wishes.

  28. I cannot even believe this is happening again in this amazing city. Prayers from the U.S. and hoping this violence stops. Not sure why these terrible acts keep hitting Paris, and my dream was always to go there… I now fear it. My husband said if I never go, then the terrorists have won… they want us to fear them…

  29. Je pleure aussi. Hug.

  30. Heartbreaking. But Paris and France are greater than this.

  31. It is unthinkable, this savagery is unspeakable. But we must not release the bile of retribution. Long live love, love love. One day it will win the war.

    • I do respect your optimistic thought, but I’m both realistic and clear-sighted: LOVE alone will never be enough… hélas!

      • I understand your comment Melanie… I reluctantly adhere but the fact is, in my view, the planet has become too accessible, too transient, too interfering – left in micro pockets people are more able to care for one another. Now the super and sub-super powers have destabilised nations and continents to the extent that they have become foul breeding grounds for extremist bacteria.

  32. Difficile à trouver des mots Mélanie après une telle catastrophe. Il faut croire quand même qu’il arrivera un jour quand l’amour triomphera de la haine!

  33. Melanie, sunt alaturi de tine! Probabil ai auzit despre nenorocirea de la Bucuresti, petrecuta in Clubul Colectiv, cu cateva zile in urma. Parca Dumnezeu a vrut sa infrateasca din nou, Marele si Micul Paris!?

    • multumesc! da, am auzit despre tragedia de la Bucuresti, dar sa comparam ce-i comparabil: un incendiu provocat de ignorarea normelor de siguranta bazice si-un atentat terorist ce-a vizat o tara si-o natiune, au în comun doar victimele, atât… RIP.

  34. France will always be great!

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