tristesse et espoir de novembre…

motto:“Ne te détourne pas du désespoir par lâcheté. Traverse-le! C’est par-delà que tu retrouveras motif d’espérance. Va droit et passe outre. De l’autre côté du tunnel tu reverras la lumière.”(André Gide)

personne et rien ne résistent aux saisons… cet automne la nature s’endort avec ses tristesses, ses illusions, ses utopies… les conifères me rappellent la véritable essence du monde et de notre histoire universelle dont nous sommes les nervures vivantes… mon âme et mes émotions s’envolent au-dessus des nuages, vers la galaxie de l’espoir… mes pensées deviennent mots, dont “AMOUR” est une notion vitale et mystérieuse depuis la nuit des temps… certaines choses prennent fin, se terminent, meurent, mais elles ne pourront pas être oubliées ou disparaître complètement – elles vivront simplement dans l’éternité… notre rage de (sur)vivre et notre espoir dans l’avenir triompheront sur tous les coups durs!
* * *
pix taken yesterday @ Luchon, Haute-Garonne, France the Beautiful… ❤

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motto:“Do not turn away from despair by cowardice. Get across it! You’ll find a reason to hope beyond it. Go on straight ahead and step over it. You will see the light at the other end of the tunnel.”(André Gide)

nobody and nothing can stand up to seasons… this autumn, nature falls asleep with its sadness, illusions, utopias… the evergreens remind me the true essence of the world and of our universal history whose living veins we are… my spirit and my emotions fly above the clouds, towards the galaxy of hope… my thoughts switch into words, among them, “LOVE” has been a vital and mysterious concept since the dawn of time… certain things shut down, end up, pass away, but they won’t completely die out, won’t be forgotten – they will simply live within eternity… our passion for life and survival, and our hope in the future will prevail over any tough setbacks!
* * *
P.S. it’s been constantly said that “history repeats itself…” – it’s often true, unfortunately… I was in Oslo, Norway 2 days after the fatal shooting on Utoya island, another national tragedy as 77 young people lost their lives, RIP… more here:

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  1. I have seen incredible changes in my own life time, particularly relating to racial prejudice in America. Unfortunately, deep permanent changes take centuries and lives are lost in the process. But, I believe there is a force/spirit that pulls humanity forward slowly, but inevitably.

  2. Malheureusement l’histoire se répète!

  3. I love that motto – and your images!

  4. It’s all just so sad, the human flaw of acquisition, from which stems violence. Thoughts are with you, Melanie.

  5. Oui, tristesse et espoir, en effet! Il faut garder cette lampe bien allumée! De tout ❤ avec vous toutes et tous! Douce soirée et semaine toute entière, Mélanie! ❤

  6. Our hearts are with you, Melanie. Courage! Leslie

  7. we can not be afraid and move forward.

  8. Sadly, yes, there will be more tragedies because we are better at devising killing ways than peace making.

    • yes, indeed – even though I’d like to disagree with you on this “thorny” topic, but I’m realistic and clear-sighted about our current world and the human nature – which hasn’t changed at all since mankind has existed…

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