Star Wars film locations @ Death Valley…:-)

Like pages in a book, these rocks tell tales of ancient times when a lake once covered this land; they also speak of violent flash floods racing down the canyon. Golden Canyon is simply formidable as you travel through an ancient, changing landscape – a fascinating showcase of the effects of water in an arid land. What existed before Death Valley?… The rocks of Golden Canyon provide concrete evidence of an older basin.
* * *
Golden Canyon, its Red Cathedral and Artist’s palette – a paradise for geologists… 🙂

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The tilted layers were nearly horizontal when they were initially deposited. Great aprons of rocky debris partially bury this majestic range in its own eroded remains. Tortured rocks have been fractured, faulted, and folded because of the dynamic tectonic activity that continues to shape this restless land… hard to believe a lake was there very long time ago! Geologists come from throughout the world to study these magnificent alluvial fans… 🙂
* * *
N.B. Artist’s Palette & Golden Canyon are 2 of the several Star Wars film locations where R2D2 is abducted by Jawas… 🙂


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  1. WOW! I haven’t seen any collection of photos of this area as beautiful as these. I’m sorry I haven’t been there. Thanks.

  2. Reblogged this on Random Ramblings; Myriad Musings and commented: Some beautiful scenery from Death Valley… I’ve been through it by motorcycle, twice – it’s a fantastic place.

  3. Je n’irai pas voir star wars, je suis un peu vieux pour ça, mais j’adore tes photos, et je pourrais dire, je n’ai pas vu le film, mais j’ai vu où ça a été tourné, et j’ai même ma copine Mel@ de Toulouse qui y est allée. C’est quand même beau la pierre, moi qui suis de la montagne, ça me parle, après, y habiter, c’est autre chose. Bonne soirée, Mel@ de Toulouse.

  4. S’il y a eu un lac avant, il est bien asséché, maintenant. Il y a des énigmes géographiques, parfois. Bonne soirée, Mo

  5. C’est beau sous le soleil 🙂 j’ai vu d’autres photos sans soleil qui font un peu sinistre!

  6. A place that could turn a geologist into a poet…

  7. Amazing photos, Mélanie. This is one place I really must visit. 🙂

  8. I never knew about the Star Wars connection!

  9. Great capture! Love the landscape!

  10. Hi Melanie, it almost looks like I would imagine the moon would look like. Are there any fossils in those rock formations?

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