the sun never shuts down…:-)

… yet invisible on rainy or gray weather, it’s always there, even at midnight around the North Cape(Nordkapp), Norway… 🙂 I was about 8 when I read somewhere that stars would all “die out”, and since the sun was also a star, it was going to vanish one day! I still recall my “fear” that overwhelmed me after this assumption: what would we do if tomorrow the sun didn’t rise any more or if it simply didn’t show up?! I used to be so nervous that I had a recurring nightmare: I would wake up at the same hour and I would look for the switch in the dark, and whenever I would press it, nothing would happen and no light would come up!

I started to watch the sun more often than ever, being very careful and deeply focused, enjoying its presence, with no misgiving of its disappearance or its explosion. By that time, I couldn’t figure out that my naive concern was actually universal among millions of kids who would “freak out” just like me… 🙂 Meanwhile, my “drakkar” has been full of dreams floating over the waves of the North Atlantic like a leaf caught in the maelström of life…
* * *
en route to the North Cape – the realm of the midnight sun, with a stop-over @ the Norwegian Polar circle – an imaginary parallel, beyond which there is at least one day where the sun does not rise in winter, and never sets in summer… 🙂

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Years have passed by and our fears have proven to be quite useful: instead of thinking about the loss of our dear ones or the loss of objects we’ve been attached to, all our apprehensions, experienced in the past, have urged us to love them even more and to break free from material “stuff”. The link between body and mind stays tight and inseparable, as built and scheduled to understand, to soothe, to listen to our own echoes and to survive in a vital symbiosis. Thus, we’ll be able to set up a balanced and harmonious bond between us and the outside world. Consciously(or not!), we all try to develop a 6th sense, a kind of complement to our conventional 5 – essential for all our bodily sensations.

It seems quite possible and probable this sense may help us get involved into the present moment, to taste it and to relish it. I guess it’s easier and simpler to spell out our emotions and to explain our feelings, to improve ourselves, to enlarge our intuition and to become more sensitive, more generous, more available for our close ones. Only as ADULTS, we’ve eventualy realized that life without light and warmth offered by LOVE fades out. We’re fond of our “sunny star” and we do appreciate its heavenly rays that herald the arrival or departure of each season… Let’s invite the sun into our life each day and by any (bad) weather, thus: fiat lux! = let there be light! 🙂


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Posted on 8 February 2016, in melanie. Bookmark the permalink. 11 Comments.

  1. Superbe! Une atmosphère vraiment particulière.

  2. What a magical place. I love the sun reflecting under the bridge!

  3. Let there be light indeed. You brought a little with you today. Thanks. – Curt

  4. Lovely, Melanie, so beautiful there.

  5. Il n’y a rien a perte de vue, et pourtant il y a plein de chose à voir.

  6. Thanks for the timely reminder that the sun is always there. Hard to imagine on a blustery, stormy and disturbed weather day like we’re having at the moment. But it is there. Sometimes we only have to drive ten minutes up and away from the lake to see it! 🙂

  7. Magnificent! Looks like a wonderful place to visit.

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