yesterday’s reflections of hope and call of the heart…:-)

don’t try mapping me out, ’cause you won’t find me in this sunny meadow today… 🙂 I’m lost within a maze of twigs – a raw green ocean of dazzling silence… I step over an invisible Ariadne’s thread, I look at its shade, without losing my balance, and I hold my chug – as if an inner voice whispered to me:”take a deep breath!” I could suddenly stop, I’m too tense, I might slip down and fall… but I decide to inhale a bit of fresh air, I repeat the movement and I realize that my apprehension ‘shrinks’, I smile faintly, and the echo of a snippy laughter brightens the atmosphere… the initial dangerous thrill is gone, I follow the bright path while the winter sun makes me dizzy… its beams are more generous and sweeter than usually, thus, I turn my eyes to the blue sky whose hasty clouds join together and become one…
* * *
well, nothing could ruin the peaceful delight of a sunny February day… guess what: it’s rainin’ today, nevertheless, I wish you a super-week, folks! 🙂

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I’m ready to go on between light and shadow, I admire Nature’s genuine beauty, its graceful harmony and its absolute freedom… I watch around me, I’d like to achieve and to accomplish as much as possible in a short time, without wasting any second… my eyes have saved recent memories and frozen images – streams of life flowing down into my secret garden… I live within a daily reality that I can rarely figure out, therefore I often feel like a castaway on the island of eternal springtime… I’ll hit the inaccessible road to nowhere, and I’ll find my way out with the help of my unspoken words… my need and my desire are still eager to discover something magical that will overwhelm me… I will pursue my journey fearless, guided by my intuition, my senses, and trusting my heart that will let me know WHO is gonna be at the end of this thin line… 🙂


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  1. Shadows and sunlight in spring: the time of the year when the late winter sun warms you but the shade still has a nip to it. Keep wandering down the path. Maybe you will find the magic that overwhelms, but my guess is you find it all of the way along the trail. – Curt

  2. Looks like spring to me, Melanie. It’s nice here today too.

  3. Pursue my journey fearless! Nice – and merci! ❤️💕🌺

  4. Si la voi e frumos. 🙂 Mă sperie puțin primăvara asta venită atât de devreme…

    Săptămână frumoasă, Melania!

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