silence d’azur au milieu des murmures…:-)

la toile de lumière garde le silence d’azur au milieu des murmures, la nuit ibérique retient son souffle et le ciel couvre son secret… pendant les grosses tempêtes de notre existence, nous devons regarder autour de nous, les yeux grands-ouverts… nous apercevrons probablement une étincelle d’espoir qui nous montrera le vrai chemin… elle nous aidera à rester sains et saufs au-delà de l’horizon sombre et au-dessus des vagues dangereuses de la vie… le vent africain se faufile entre les dunes et les éoliennes de Gibraltar, alors que le temps et l’océan semblent s’assoupir à l’ombre du phare…
* * *
from the picturesque village of Casares(Málaga), Andalucía, España to the Rock of Gibraltar – about 15km-away from Africa…

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the web of light keeps the azure silence in the center of whispers, the Iberian night holds its breath and the sky covers its secret… during the giant storms of our existence, we have to watch around us, our eyes wide open… we’ll probably see a sparkle of hope which will show us the right pathway… it will help us remain safe and sound beyond the dark horizon, and above the dangerous waves of our  lifetime… the African breeze wanders between dunes and wind turbines of Gibraltar while time and ocean seem to be dozing in the shadow of the lighthouse…
* * *
N.B. Gibraltar – from the Arabic “Jebel Tarik” = “Mount of Tariq” is a British territory, located south of the Iberian peninsula, bordering the Strait of Gibraltar that links the Mediterranean to the Atlantic ocean. The rock of Gibraltar and its immediate surroundings are separated from Spain(which still claims it!) by a 1.2-km border… 🙂


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  1. What beautiful pictures… it’s too long since I was last in Spain – you remind me to rectify the issue! 🙂

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos Melanie. I love the flower pots hanging off the whitewashed walls of the homes up on the hills. 🙂

  3. La Harpie Feroce

    Pourquoi les gens ne gardent pas leurs plantes chez eux? ça me rappelle les concours des villages les plus fleuris quand j’étais en Alsace dans le Haut-Rhin.

  4. Un loc atât de impecabil de frumos, încât îți vine să crezi că e un studio hollywoodian! 🙂 Zile senine, Melania!

  5. Good morning, Melanie. Brilliant captures in the slideshow. Makes me want to be there. ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Une très belle composition en plongée! 🙂 Merci, Mélanie!

  7. Cette ambiance méditerranéenne nous change agréablement du temps qui règne chez nous en ce début mars! Bonne journée, Mo

  8. “le vent africain se faufile entre les dune et les éoliennes de Gibraltar, alors que le temps et l’océan semblent s’assoupir à l’ombre du phare…” — quelle image!!! Je serais ravie d’y être!

  9. Très, très belles photos qui donnent envie de séjourner dans cet univers particulier au pied de sa montagne. En tant que peintre amateur, je trouve que le premier cliché est une petite merveille de composition. Amitiés, Hervé

  10. This place looks so much like what I picture paradise to be! 🙂

  11. Beautiful pictures Melanie, I envy your photographic skills.

    • Thanx-gracias, Juan! 🙂

      speakin’ of my photographic skills… I take pictures during my trips, yet I don’t reckon myself as a photographer at all… what’s essential to me is to share moments that delight me, challenge me, touch me, make me smile or sigh… it’s not my purpose anyways, but sometimes nothing exists behind a photo and therefore, I try “to weave” a little story, to figure out a “mise-en-scène” or just mere sentences, inspired by my still images… I’m attracted by thick lights and compact shades, ’cause they bear such a singular beauty… whenever the sky is blue and cloudless, the sunbeams reveal a thrilling purity that makes everything look wonderful and dazzling, cheerful and responsive, dashing and serene… 🙂

      I invite you to take a look @

  12. I love the words and photos!

  13. There is something exhilerating about windmill farms.

  14. Beautiful composition in these pictures.

  15. Magnifique! Bonne toute fin de ce samedi, Mélanie et agréable dimanche! ❤ 🙂

  16. So lovely, Melanie.

  17. I wanna go there! Maybe I will…

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