“wait until tomorrow comes…”:-)

do you have a favorite, dear word, even a “lucky” one, often used because you’re very fond of it?… mine is “tomorrow”: it suits me perfectly, as it’s light and it sounds promising, useful, melodious, optimistic, generous… I did hunt for another one, no way, I’ve eventually returned to “it”… why?! well, it always shows up with no warning, it makes me smile, it gets into my heart, and it gives a meaning to my daily life… it also helps me find the right solution to move on, ahead and forward to another horizon – undiscovered yet… it urges me to seek moments of joy in the early hours of dawn, to soothe pain or to ignore sadness… to survive and to chase away any kind of despair, since “it” offers us the hope of overcoming obstacles, of wiping up invisible barriers and negative ideas – by staying away from toxic “stuff”…

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I do agree with Henry David Thoreau:”Really to see the sun rise tomorrow or go down every day, so to relate ourselves to a universal fact, would preserve us sane forever.” I’m realistic and aware that we can’t watch it each morning, but at least, let’s try to experience it whenever it occurs… let’s breathe slowly, and let’s savor the seconds for sunbeams are beneficial to us – both to begin and to end the day in full serenity… in fact, today, we may be part of a puzzle in someone’s life, even though we have no idea where, how and when we’re tomorrow… I guess that someone’s life may never be complete without us in it… btw, I’m hummin’ again with Annie Lennox:”when tomorrow comes…” 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWzRKxhpPA0


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  1. I like the song, its lyrics and Annie’s performance.

  2. Hi Melanie! Thanks for sharing this beautiful post with us! Wishing you many days filled with Sunshine, Love and Wonder… Phil

  3. A beautiful and refreshing post Melanie, gives rise to many words that evoke emotions which we seem to particularly favour.

  4. Beautiful words and photos! Extremely encouraging.

  5. As long as “aujourd’hui” is good too, Mélanie.

  6. My husband tells me my favourite word is ‘lovely’ and he has always liked the way I say it and will sometimes ask me to just say it to please him. I imagine that it is a favourite word because I think most things are lovely…

  7. 😄 ‘tomorrow’ is also procrastination. And, as it happens, some eat, drink, spend (whatever the case might be) as if there’s no tomorrow… But that’s just me. 😊

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