le charme n’est pas une question d’âge…:-)

comme l’amour, le charme n’est pas une question d’âge, il est plutôt une lumière souriante et harmonieuse – c’est là toute la différence… 🙂 l’apparence physique peut être agréable, mais je crois que ce qui est brillant à l’intérieur est beaucoup plus pertinent… pour moi, être “belle” signifie être attrayante, et ce qui rend les gens attrayants, c’est être gentil, attentionné, intéressant, généreux , drôle, affectueux… toutes ces caractéristiques engendrent une attraction liée à notre beauté intérieure qui se transforme souvent en beauté extérieure… quant à être “sexy”, je pense que c’est juste une sensation – pas nécessairement due aux vêtements ou au maquillage que nous portons… 🙂

ils ne nous “font” pas – nous nous en servons, et nous nous faisons simplement plaisir, en nous rendant compte que l’élégance naturelle est à la fois charmante et mystérieuse… lorsque notre propre confiance se manifeste visiblement, elle peut être “contagieuse”, une manière formidable de partager et de semer la joie autour de nous… la musique de nos mots suggère la fluidité de nos émotions, alors que la sensibilité des sons, des couleurs et des nuances ressemblent à un tableau de Monet ou une sculpture de Rodin… une sorte de communion spirituelle qui devient absolument essentielle, afin de comprendre le sens et l’harmonie des formes, leur simplicité et leur évidence… 🙂
* * *
my bright red and soft pink weekend… 🙂   

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both love and charm have no age limit, but rather a smiling and harmonious light – that’s the whole difference… 🙂 physical appearance may be beautiful, but I believe what’s glowing within is much more relevant… to me, being “lovely” means being attractive, and what makes people attractive is being caring, loving, kind, considerate, interesting, generous, funny… all these features create an attraction which is related to our inner beauty that often turns into outer beauty… as to be “sexy”, I guess it’s a just a feeling – not necessarily due to clothes or makeup we wear… 🙂

they don’t “make” us – we use them and we simply please ourselves, realizing that unsophisticated elegance is both charming and mysterious… our self-trust is “contagious”, it rubs off on others, and it’s an awesome way to share it and to spread joy around us… the music of our words suggests the flow of our emotions, while the sensitivity of sounds, colors and shades look like a Monet painting or a sculpture by Rodin… kinda spiritual communion which becomes absolutely essential to understand the meaning and the harmony of shapes, their simplicity and obviousness… 🙂  


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  1. Joyeuses Pâques, Mélanie!

  2. Amen! Such wonderful words Melanie.

  3. D’accord! I think you are right about loveliness. Sometimes it just shines out. Thanks for stopping by my blog and having a look at some posts. I will come back to visit yours as well.

  4. Lovely post – all is so true! 🙂

  5. Tellement vrai. Cela me frappe tous les jours! 🙂

  6. C’est très vrai tout ce que tu dis mais du coup, on s’interroge sur l’image qu’on peut renvoyer… Bonne soirée, Mo

  7. Deci, îți place ceea ce ești chiar tu! Mi-au plăcut de la început naturalețea înfățișării tale și muzicalitatea cuvintelor tale. 🙂

    Săptămână cât mai bună, Melania! 🙂

  8. Always an interesting post from you Melanie, I like the way you described the making of our self, you are right on, we use the tools to make us who we are, and this is what we share or project out to others.

  9. La Harpie Feroce

    Vous avez tout-à-fait raison, je suis sous le charme.

  10. Right on! Je suis d’accord.

  11. Tu as bien raison, Mélanie! Le charme vient de l’intérieur de la personne! Bon week-end tout entier! Amitiés ❤ 🙂

  12. Le charme vient de l’âme. Have a great weekend, Melanie!

  13. endearing thought expressed – in words & self images… 🙂

  14. so, so true! I was sitting in a diner yesterday for breakfast on my own (this was on my list of must-do’s whilst I am here… to find a real traditional diner, sit at the counter and soak up the atmosphere). The lady server, around 60 at a guess was conversing with her friend and buying some sort of skin potion from her. I just wanted to intervene and say you ARE so lovely with your smile and your air of happy verve you don’t need expensive potions. Of course, I didn’t because the lady selling might have been hugely annoyed – but this waitress was beauty incarnate. Clearly loved by her regulars and just so sunny and smiley that the whole place was backlit with her luminosity… 🙂

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