22/3/2016 – mardi noir à Bruxelles…

“Brussels, my beautiful one, have courage: you will see that LOVE always triumphs…” – after the terrorist attacks that have mutilated Brussels and the whole kingdom…

last November when Paris was hit by terrorist attacks, I cried and grieved with my blood relatives who live in the French capital, and with my fellow citizens… today, I’m crying with Brussels, dear friends who live there, and with the Belgians… I loved this European “small” city from the very first time I visited it in the late ’80’s… meanwhile, I’ve been there 3 times, and I’ll certainly return some day… ❤

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“when you have LOVE alone as the only reason, the only song, the only support to dress up the morning…” – Jacques Brel is THE greatest Belgian singer, songwriter and actor, widely considered a master of the modern ‘chanson’…
* * *
Jacques Brel – Quand on a que l’amour… ❤


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  1. Merci Mélanie. Déjà une semaine…

  2. I loved Jacques Brel, thank you for this special song. My heart has been aching for Brussels and many prayers have been sent up to Heaven to those who were killed. Such a tragic loss. Take care, Melanie. 🙂

  3. Thank you for Jacques Brel’s WHEN YOU HAVE ONLY LOVE. With the terrorist attacks in the beautiful cities of Paris and Brussels, we see what happens when you have only hate.

  4. Cara Melanie,
    Anche a me Bruxelles e molto cara perché ci ho lavorato 4 anni al Parlamento europeo e perché mia nipote figlia di mio fratello con la sua famiglia vivono li. Non vi è più nessuna sicurezza ne serenità se governanti non si siedono e con forza e determinazione decidono una strategia comune per bloccare il terrorismo e dare fiducia e prospettive tanti popoli diseredati… Ti abbraccio con tanto affetto e ti ringrazio di questa tua presenza sempre così cara nonostante la lontananza e il mezzo
    Eccoti un’immagine che ti farà sorridere la mia Sally tra le margherite!

    Un tenero tappeto..pas mal!

  5. Praying for Brussels and I would love to see it someday.

  6. Sad sad sad, sending some good vibes your way. 💔😢

  7. A beautiful tribute in such a tragic situation. My heartfelt sympathy to you and all those affected by this horror.

  8. Il faut vraiment y croire à l’amour quand on voit certaines choses…

  9. This beautiful tribute brought tears to my eyes — for the tragedy, and for your lovely words.

  10. It is a sad day, Melanie.

  11. You and Brussels have my sympathy Melanie, there is no place in this world for acts of Anarchy and Violence like this. European leaders who cannot see the Anti Christ moving among them, are to blame. Sometimes Assimilation and Integration have no meaning.

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