le souffle vital du printemps…:-)

motto:”Un optimiste est la personnification humaine du printemps.”(Susan J. Bissonette)

on dit que le printemps est un éternel recommencement, comme notre vie – avec des remises en question, mais les mots ne peuvent pas décrire l’effet de son souffle… je crois que la perception d’un seul instant vaut parfois l’expérience de notre passage sur Terre qui pourrait se résumer à quelques images superbes et marquantes, accompagnées par des sentiments et des émotions uniques – où rêve et illusion prennent vie… accueillons et saluons chaque jour la lumière du soleil, admirons Dame Nature dans toute sa subtilité… profitons à fond des choses simples et des petits plaisirs quotidiens, comme une balade ensoleillée dans le bois de mon quartier… 🙂

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motto:”An optimist is the human personification of spring.”(Susan J. Bissonette)

some say springtime is an eternal beginning, just like our life – with plenty of self-questioning, but words can’t describe the impact of its very breath… I do believe that the insight of a single moment is sometimes worth the experience of our earthly lifetime that might be summed up into some stunning and memorable images, followed by unique feelings and emotions – where dream and illusion come to life… let’s welcome each day, let’s greet the golden sunlight and let’s watch Lady Nature in all its subtlety… let’s thoroughly enjoy simple things and small daily pleasures like a sunny stroll in the nearby woods… 🙂


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  1. Beautiful advice my friend. 🙂

  2. Ce loc frumos și liniștit! Unde se află?

  3. L’printemps, la voie de la nature de la respiration dans la nouvelle vie!

  4. La Harpie Feroce

    Il se passe quoi dans les bois? il y a des gens, des animaux, des chasseurs?

  5. Yes, spring is the sign of new beginnings… enjoyed your photos of the lovely blossoms.

  6. You are also looking very Happy within those Spring photos, Melanie. And I agree. Spring is such a beautiful time. I so enjoy the blossoms and loved all your photos in your slide show. 🙂 Happy April, Melanie! xxx Hugs, Sue

  7. Enjoyed your springtime words Melanie, refreshing as the season, new beginnings heralding rebirth. A freshness in the air that excites the emotions of the Heart, with promises of the excitement of Mother Natures awakening.

  8. Tu exprimes exactement ce que je ressens! Bonne soirée, Mo

  9. Beautiful photos of spring!

  10. It is the renewal of life in many respects. Merci, Melanie.

  11. Very good advice. Spring does give us an abundance of opportunities to put your words into action. Maybe we can form a habit.

  12. Such wise words, Melanie, reminding us to seize the day and enjoy each and every life-enhancing particle of it. I’m doing it too, even if le printemps en Angleterre is still pretty chilly on one’s bones. Lovely photos – bursting with le souffle vital.

  13. Yes, yes! But like Lady Nature we have our ‘seasons’ as well – some longer than others. May Springtime be our constant reminder at the times of our blues that things are not THAT bad, after all as long as there are birds to wake us up in the morn and flowers to caress our eyes and wipe our (daily) tears… daily… After all, there’s so much beauty in a frosty sunny day in winter, too. 😊🌹

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