I’m singin’ in the Japanese rain…:-)

between Kagoshima-City, Obi-jo(castle) and Aoshima islet, Kyushu, Japan… 🙂

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“I’m singin’ and dancin’ in the rain…” – ’cause happy to be in Japan – again! 🙂
* * *
Sayonara, sunny thoughts & my very best from Nihon, mon amour… ❤ P.S. more pix @ my FB: Mélanie d’Armagnac – Toulouse


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  1. Oh, my God! Wish I could meet you! I didn’t know you came to Japan! 😔

  2. How wonderful Mel! I look forward to the FB pics. Enjoy! 🙂

    • already lots of pix @ my FB… 🙂 Japan has been mon amour for years, and this is the 5th time I’m in this UNIQUE country… ❤

      • I’ll be sure to visit them later Mel. I hadn’t been on FB much these past few weeks, but will definitely catch up there later. Enjoy! ❤

  3. Il pleut, mais tu as fait tout de même des photos originales et intéressantes. Bonne soirée, Mo

  4. Cristos a înviat, Melania! Învierea Domnului să aducă lumină în suflet, bucurie în casă și pace pe pământ!

    Frumoasă călătorie, frumoase fotografii! Felicitări!

  5. 20160416_094228
    Felice per te! Bisous, Shera!!!

  6. Beautiful pictures of Japan, you certainly captured some great backgrounds, that show Japan as I imagine it to be, colourful and culturally enchanting.

  7. Glad your having a good time in Japan. It was one of the best trips we took! Sayonara!

  8. The flowers are out there, how lovely. Hope the rain stops soon.

  9. Greetings sweet human!😺

  10. Ce loc interesant! Este un mal format din roca vulcanica?

  11. Des bonzes en bronzes, bonnes vacances Mel@ de Toulouse. Vous êtes où là?

  12. Tempting, but there is no place like home especially when home is France!

  13. des endroits très attractifs… avec ou sans pluie! Merci, Mélanie !

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