hike with me through Yakushima national park…:-)

motto:”Home is not where you are from, it’s where you belong. Some of us travel the whole world to find it, while others find it in a person…”(Beau Taplin) – it’s my own case… 🙂

we think we look at Nature, but “she” does watch us… 🙂 She’s the most gifted and immortal artist that reaches everlasting perfection:”she” composes, draws, sculpts, sings, dances, overwhelms, crushes, rebuilds like all over stunning and lush Yakushima – millenary cedar island… an eternal beginning and our universal mirror – the unique one in which we entirely find ourselves… our emotions mix up with the beating of our hearts, realizing “she” is kind, generous and fair to those who do respect “her”… btw, “she” knows who and where we are, “she” will always show us the best way to follow…

“she” often reminds us that our temporary shelter down here is somewhere between earth and sky – THE only truth, since we all are Nature ‘herself’… let’s dive into its river(s) and let us float over its ‘star gate’, following its candid look and its reliable guideline… let’s explore it silently and humbly, let’s stay away from dangerous whirlpools and let’s keep our distance from any dark abyss or illusive spots… let’s free ourselves and let’s get lost inside its bright “maze” that pushes us beyond our boldest dreams… 🙂

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Yakushima is situated off the southern coast of Kyushu island, about 1000kms south of Tokyo and about 140kms from Kagoshima, Kyushu… 2 little towns and 14,000 inhabitants, giant ferns, rhododendrons (“yaku-shima”) and millenia cedars (“yaku-sugi”). It’s covered by an extensive cedar forest that contains some of Japan’s oldest living trees. Some of them are more than 1000 years old and are affectionately called ‘yakusugi’ – a combination of Yakushima and ‘sugi’, the Japanese word for ‘cedar’, the most ancient of which may be over 7000 years old. The island is a national park, while some areas were declared a Natural World Heritage Site 23 years ago. As a subtropical island with nearly 2000m high mountains, Yakushima attracts a lot of rainfall around the year, with a local saying claiming that ‘it rains 35 days a month’, but the weather has been just fine! 🙂 N.B. This amazing island served as the inspiration for the famous epic historical fantasy anime film ‘Mononoke Hime – Princess Mononoke’ by Hayao Miyazaki.


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  1. La Harpie Feroce

    Trop belles les photos, tu as du bien te faire plaisir et profité, c’est quoi cet arbre avec une porte? une maison, une fusée, une cabine téléphonique, peut-être pour rester branchée.

  2. Thanks for the beautiful tour. ❤

  3. Wonderful article. 👌🏻

  4. Beautiful, Melanie, you never fail to deliver beautiful picturesque photography, always a pleasure to relax in the tranquility of your pictures.
    Kind regards.

  5. just beautiful, those shady green spaces with water flowing! Your words do it justice!

  6. La première phrase est jolie et pertinente! Bonne soirée, Mo

  7. Mi-ai facut o excursie minunată, descriindu-mi pitorescul plai japonez, și, primind informația ca pe-o provocare, mi-ai trezit un mare dor de a călători în țara Soarelui-Rasare. Mulțumesc mult, dragă Melanie!

  8. Frumoase locuri! Copacii și stâncile năpădite de mușchi parcă ne-ar spune că, totuși, Natura e prima putere în lume. 🙂

    • toata insula e un parc national – patrimoniu UNESCO… cât despre NATURA, îl citez pe Montaigne:”La Nature peut tout et fait tout…” – QED… 🙂

  9. hola amiga – looks like you are having more fun – love the photo of you with the blue outfit amidst the tall green trees – have fun and be safe.

    adios –

    • konichiwa Yvette-san! 🙂 pour la 5e fois au Japon, all I can tell you is: you have to see it, to believe it… 🙂 ordre, propreté, discipline, politesse, ponctualité, safety, respect: Japan is simply UNIQUE!❤

  10. Lovely photos Melanie, thanks for sharing.

  11. beautifully expressive tribute to mother 🙂

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