Stanford University where “the wind of freedom blows…”

after Harvard, Yale, MIT, and UC Berkeley, I’ve visited THE famous Stanford University… more @

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P.S. unfortunately, these past days, Stanford has been in the world’s news for this:


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  1. Beautiful scenery, Mel. 🙂

  2. Beautiful pics, Melanie.

    I’m very familiar with the Stanford campus where my older children learned how to walk and bike. UC Berkeley remains special because one of them got her Master there. The Boston/Cambridge schools have gorgeous campuses, too. We’ve been living there for five years. Sadly, Stanford is dealing with appaling rape, a crime affecting other schools too, mostly big names. Sadly, we need such events to push policies and change the way some people perceive sexual aggression. These crimes don’t change the beauty of these campuses, but the matter is certainly on our minds when we stroll their famous paths, trails and alleys.

  3. C’est le grand luxe, cette université! Bonne soirée, Mo

  4. Frumoase locuri, oribilă întâmplare…

  5. wow, such a great campus. My husbands’ father was there for work one year ago, he was really impressed by Stanford.

  6. We visited Stanford when my daughter was looking at colleges, Melanie. Lovely campus, but she decided it was too far away. Went to Johns Hopkins instead but we enjoyed the west coast tour (UCLA and UC Berkeley, too).

  7. It’s a beauty and that beauty should not be tarnished by the repellent actions of one student and the foolish words of his father and friends when he was given a laughable sentence.

  8. La Harpie Feroce

    J’au cru que tu retournais a l’university.

  9. wonderful to visit that beautiful campus!
    being a Cal graduate
    i was never too fond
    of Stanford 🙂

  10. Lovely photos, Melanie, thanks for sharing. Did you manage to go in and see the Art Gallery there?

  11. So many things I have seen and taken for granted, never knowing what a special treat it was to have done so. I used to go there often to survey students and then later as a teacher, to visit the Leland Stanford Museum. It was closed after the 1989 earthquake his collections are visible online.

  12. Beautiful photos and more memory jogs. I was there in late 70s – thanks!

  13. it looks so beautiful. My husband did a Masters programme there but I have not had a chance to visit.

    • I was there less than 2 weeks ago, during the Memorial Day weekend, the buildings were closed – but I’m still impressed and kinda emotional to have visited THE Stanford University…

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