pure and simple beauty of the Icelandic flora…

motto:”To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour…”(William Blake)

Icelandic wildflowers – unknown universe along the North Atlantic coast, they survive in spite of any odds, at the mercy of the passing time… my eyes greet them, my heart cuddles them and my camera “picks” them up… they are ephemeral just like all of us, but their spirit will always last among the Arctic seasons… I deeply breathe, I watch the horizon, I listen to its silence, and I think that André Malraux was right:”The world could’ve been as simple as the sky and the sea…” – in the shadow of my thoughts, I smell the ocean’s brine, and I can see a light of hope, while my joy floats with the scent of these wonders… ❤
* * *
my humble photos speak for me… 🙂

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motto:”Voir un monde dans un grain de sable et un paradis dans une fleur sauvage, retenir l’infini dans la paume de ta main et l’éternité dans une heure…”(William Blake)

fleurs sauvages islandaises – univers inconnu le long de la côte de l’Atlantique Nord, elles survivent malgré tout, au gré du temps qui passe… mes yeux les saluent, mon cœur les caresse câline et mon appareil-photo les “cueillit”… elles sont éphémères comme nous tous, mais leur esprit durera à jamais parmi les saisons arctiques… je respire profondément, je contemple l’horizon, j’écoute son silence, et je pense qu’André Malraux avait raison:”Le monde aurait pu être aussi simple que le ciel et la mer…” – dans l’ombre de mes pensées, je sens le sel de l’océan, j’aperçois une lueur d’espoir, et ma joie flotte avec le parfum de ces merveilles… ❤


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  1. Thanks for showing me Icelandic flora. 😊 Never knew they have flowers!

  2. Some years ago I was traveling from Tucson to Albuquerque and a friend of mine suggested I take a back-road because it was shorter. He never said anything about the fact that I would drive 4 hours and never see another car going in either direction, or that I would be hundreds of miles from emergency assistance if I had needed it — but the drive was beautiful. I stopped alongside the road to ‘water my tires’ and at my feet were the most gorgeous flowers of several different sorts. And I couldn’t help but reflect that this world is filled with the most amazing abundance. If one believes in a supreme being he/she certainly wanted their creatures to enjoy this earth; if there is none then it’s still a testament to an amazing planet.

    Even dead things have an amazing beauty to them. I once did a series of images of nothing more than things past-their-prime. Even in death there is often to be found extraordinary beauty.

  3. C’est extraordinaire comme la végétation s’adapte partout et comme elle peut être belle! J’aime ces fleurs qui semblent pousser directement sur des pierres. Bonne soirée à toi, Mo

  4. I love this toadstool or mushroom, Melanie! Hugs, Robin xxx

  5. Modeste și superbe în același timp… Felicitări pentru fotografiile reușite!

  6. Breathtaking… simply a great joy to see these wonderful flowers, Melanie! 🙂

  7. Amazing variety of flowers that look so fragile, but must be hardy to flourish where they do. Loved your prose poetry too. I could feel your joy in the beauty. Thanks for sharing both photos and feelings.

  8. Amazing that there is such abundance there, Melanie. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Such survivors aren’t they. Of all the photos of Iceland I have seen I don’t think I’ve ever seen flowers!

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