by all its lovely symbols, September is here again…:-)

“Je fais confiance à la Nature pour ses lois inaliénables de beauté et de valeur: le printemps doit semer et l’automne récoltera jusqu’à la fin des temps…”(Robert Browning)
* * *
“Il y a une harmonie à l’automne, et un éclat dans son ciel, qui, à travers l’été, n’est ni entendu, ni vu, comme s’il ne pouvait pas exister, comme s’il n’avait pas pu rester!”(Percy Bysshe Shelley)
* * *
2 living legends: Nana Mouskouri & Harry Belafonte – Try to remember… 🙂

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“I trust in Nature for its stable laws of beauty and utility: Spring shall plant and Autumn will garner to the ends of time…”(Robert Browning)
* * *
“There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been!”(Percy Bysshe Shelley)
* * *
Have a fine and cheerful September, folks! 🙂


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  1. I can’t believe it’s almost a year since we were in the South West of France. It was October and it was beautiful. Your post made me wish I could see fall there again.

  2. C’est vrai, la nature est dans un éternel recommencement et si stable… Espérons-le tout au moins… 😉 Bon week-end, Mo

  3. There is something about the arrival of autumn that always gets me a bit excited ~ I think it is the idea that it is the last season of the years to enjoy and take advantages of the outdoors before winter steals “it” away 🙂 Great photos and feel ~

  4. September has indeed arrived. I am ready for the cooler temperatures! Enjoyed the photos. Thanks. –Curt

  5. Leave it to the wisdom of Browning, Shelley, Nana Mouskouri and Harry Belafonte. Happy September Melanie.

  6. Une chanson qui défie le temps… classique… merci pour ce rappel du temps qui passe, et l’automne qui reviendra bientôt…

  7. Harry Belafonte was one of my dear mother’s favorites – thanks for the memories! Happy September to you!

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