après la brume pressée de l’aube…

voici la pure beauté et l’éternel miracle de la Nature dans la lumière tamisée, sur le sentier vert-doré du petit bois de mon quartier… il ignore la météo et chante avec le vent, on dirait un calligraphe plongé dans son art… les feuilles jaunes m’accueillent et m’encouragent à déposer un vœu sur chaque branche… mon imagination devient un haïku sans boussole devant ce labyrinthe qui rêve d’un autre “été indien”… au fait, j’ai hâte d’être encore émerveillée demain par je ne sais quoi… 🙂   
* * *
after the hasty fog of dawn…

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here’s the pure beauty and the eternal miracle of Nature through a dim light over the golden green pathway in the little woods of my neighborhood… it ignores the weather and sings with the wind, just like a calligrapher – immersed into his art… the yellow leaves greet me and urge me to drop a wish on each branch… my imagination turns into a haiku without compass in front of this maze dreaming of another “Indian summer”… in fact, I look forward to being amazed tomorrow by I don’t know what… 🙂  


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  1. Gorgeous photos, and indeed, I look forward to being amazed every day, as well. 🙂

  2. Je comprends que tu sois émerveillée… Bonne soirée, Mo

  3. Love the slideshow! The photos are very beautiful ♥


  4. Minunată imaginea drumului prin pădure, parcă desprinsă dintr-o pictură! O toamnă cât mai frumoasă vă doresc!

  5. Lovely imagery in words and pictures, and full of hope for what tomorrow will bring… Best wishes, MW

  6. I love these photos. And your words are beautiful!

  7. Seems like your feature photo is a hit… I love it too. One of the things I miss since moving to Florida is the changing of seasons… we do get it, but it is so mild that one could easily miss it.

  8. Love the road photo… lived for 27 years down a road just like it. And love the beautiful weeds. I called my “100 acre Winnie the Pooh Wood” a “Rock and Weed Sanctuary.” I filled the house with both and the children and I spent many hours creating small works of art that I called “Ecology Crafts.” I considered the wonderfully diverse beauty of so many of nature’s treasure to be my riches. My architect husband did mumble occasionally that when he designed our house with mostly glass walls to bring nature inside, he hadn’t meant me to take it quite so literally! 🙂 Thanks for the photos. They set off a lovely stream of memories. A much needed blessing today. Your writing captures the magic also.

  9. Melanie, that lead photo is absolutely gorgeous. The path calls to me. –Curt

  10. A little wood full of wishes. Lovely.

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