naturally shattered glass…

“Un rêve brisé, c’est comme du verre cassé – on n’arrive jamais à balayer tous les morceaux…”(Robert Brault)
* * *
“A shattered dream is like broken glass – you never quite sweep up all the pieces…”(Robert Brault)
* * *
I’ve also used filters on my photos and they’re quite awesome… 🙂

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I took these pix @ Glass beach, south of Kauai, Hawaii… it’s quite a curiosity, as it’s been formed by a mixture of black sand and millions of broken pieces of glass, rolled over by the waves… I’d like to be a wave now and then… why? – well, it breaks up against the rocks or the beach, but it still finds the strength to start again… 🙂


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  1. Ces citations sont très jolies. Nous aimons aussi ramasser des choses en bord de mer et nous avons une collection de sables du monde entier dont des amis voyageurs nous ramènent des échantillons. Passe une bonne soirée, Mo

  2. I agree; the filters are awesome.

  3. j’aime bien quand tu me fais voyager!!! 🙂

  4. Beautiful photos ~ the beauty of nature and then I very much like the abstract themes of your processing, you’ve found a bit of paradise in Kauai.

  5. Each piece is like a gem. That’s an interesting effect with your filter, Melanie.

  6. Our daughter-in-law uses larger pieces of sea glass to make jewelry, Melanie. We have been out on sea glass hunts with her. It’s like a treasure hunt! –Curt

  7. So true… even months later or years when we are moving… like an opportunity to grieve a little more.

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