p’tites “merveilles” simples – simple lil’ “wonders”…:-)

ce matin, les mêmes questions me reviennent: combien de tasses de café noir et de thé vert allons-nous déguster ensemble?… combien de bisous, suivis par:”bonjour, mon amour!”… combien de p’tites “merveilles” pourrions-nous rajouter pour en faire une grande?… je suis simple et j’apprécie depuis tjs la simplicité des gens, car elle prouve la beauté du cœur… au fait, il vaut mieux être simple et remarquable qu’être faux pour se faire remarquer… 🙂
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on dit que les meilleurs vitamines sont: A, B, C: amour, bisous, câlins… ah, le tableau peint par Toulouse-Lautrec s’appelle “baiser au lit”(kiss in bed)… 🙂

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this morning, the same questions have come to my mind: how many cups of black coffee and green tea are we gonna have together?… how many kisses, followed by ‘hi, my love!’… how many lil’ “wonders” can we add up to make a big one?… I’m a simple gal, and I’ve always appreciated people’s simplicity, cuz it shows the beauty of the heart… btw, it’s better to be simple and noticeable than to be fake to be noticed… 🙂


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  1. Bonjour Mélanie! j’adore tes vitamines! Bon week-end! Mo

  2. “it’s better to be simple and noticeable than to be fake to be noticed…

    Wise and true words, here! I have to remind myself of that, every day…

  3. Give me simple everytime… Lovely post and loved your images. Enjoy your weekend Melanie! xxx

  4. Il ne faut pas se poser trop de questions, Mélanie, car on ne sait pas quelle est “la dernière fois”… mais pas de pensées mélancoliques! Carpe diem! amitiés, France 🙂

  5. C’est doux et romantique, Melanie.

  6. I’d better not count cups of coffee, if I do, I’ll feel guilty that I’m not following my doctor’s orders. Sigh. Everything I love is either fattening, immoral or illegal…

    • well, Peter, your comment has reminded me of the last lines of “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley: 🙂

      “It matters not how strait the gate,
      How charged with punishments the scroll,
      I am the master of my fate:
      I am the captain of my soul.”

  7. You speak with such truth and beauty:”it’s better to be simple and noticeable than to be fake to be noticed.” The simple things in life are often the best, without a doubt!

    • merci, Monsieur Dalo-2013! 🙂 btw:“Complex things are easy to do. Simplicity’s the real challenge.”(Robert James Waller – The Bridges of Madison County)

  8. chaque café le matin en bonne compagnie est un cadeau… bonne journée… carpe diem!

  9. Sweet sentiments, Mélanie. But forget about how many moments or tomorrows… quand on aime, on ne compte pas! Big bisous! xoxo

  10. A beautiful post Mélanie! One that deserves to be shared. A very dear friend lost her husband of 35 years just a few months ago. He got a diagnosis and was gone in a few weeks.

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    Merci Beaucoup Mélanie!

  12. De très beaux mots… bonne journée!

  13. I would agree – those are the best vitamins in the world.

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