urban contemporary art and graffiti – Toulouse 2016…

motto:”Art is simply meant to delight us…”(Nicolas Poussin)

have these works any intellectual or aesthetic interest, are they beautiful and can they be reckoned as ‘pieces of art’? – knowing already that beauty is never enough to define it or to express it… is this a reflection of our contemporary society, expressed via communication and ‘image worship’?… a piece of art reflects neither beauty, nor any absolute truth of our world like Nature alone does, and all that it involves or entails, as it simply exists… we do need art to display our inner self, even though no genius artist could ever achieve Nature’s perfection – they would copy or imitate its beauties, offered to us, but they’ll never be its ‘equal’… it seems that any art may change into a universal mirror for each of us, and we often try to find ourselves in it: should we “imitate” Nature’s beauty?… well, we certainly could – with pictures, but then again: how many of them will be a decent ‘copy’?!… as for “beauty” – a true, worthy and genuine artist invents and creates – he doesn’t copy and doesn’t imitate… 🙂  

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art geniuses are usually ‘role models’, those whom others imitate or copy, hence the paradox – art is recognizable in its exceptions and its only rule(s)… great, unique, incomparable artists whose works have lasted across ages are those who “blended” loneliness and universality, objectivity and subjectivity, discipline and spontaneity – a real artistic miracle – completely different from any science… speaking of discoveries or/and creations – I do wonder: what our world and our own life would’ve been without Gutenberg, Newton, Einstein, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Cézanne, Plato, Kant, Nietzsche, Shakespeare, Hugo, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven?!… in fact, who needs to own a painting, a sculpture, a musical score to be touched and impressed, to approach and to rejoice in what we enjoy and we try to learn?… I believe that art’s essence is like a beautiful poem, and we all can turn into poets for its beauty makes us happier, more educated, more spiritual and, eventually, more human… 🙂
* * *
N.B. this contemporary art is delightful – btw, would you purchase any of these works?… meanwhile, have a colorful week, guys! 🙂


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  1. I love the diversity of Art, it opens the mind to the variations of perception and imagination. I found a liking for the Graffiti art of Chile, vibrant and expressive.
    I appreciate your choice in your pictures, Melanie.

  2. I see few dogmatists on your list of names, which seems to me proof enough that little of what is worthwhile in this world has come from hidebound ideologues.

  3. Merci, Melanie, I love to see the art work. It does delight.

  4. In answer to your question… very, very dark! I believe art has one more and most important role in society. Creative expression. Of course, this could be in almost any field – cooking, flower arranging, automobile painting, photography, etc. It is creative expression that stirs the soul, in my opinion, art makes life even more grand…like the blend of spices in food. The food is tasty, but with the right blend of spices… it is divine. 🙂 And I did see a few that I would own… if I had the right house for it. My house is more eclectic antique.

    • yep, creativity comes first and forward, and the blend may be divine… 😉 well, just like you, the architecture of my house and its interior design won’t fit those modern art works… 🙂

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