Lady Nature’s dazzling trails…

motto:”Vivez simplement dans la fraîcheur du moment présent, dans la pure clarté de l’esprit éveillé.”(Matthieu Ricard)

Dame-Nature nous offre des sentiers éblouissants, ainsi que l’ombre de ses arbres, et ses saisons se succèdent dans une indispensable communion aux images fabuleuses… même s’il y a des chemins déjà tracés, il faut les découvrir, s’y adapter pour les parcourir et avancer… un esprit rêveur a des ailes qui le transportent au-dessus des nuages de la vie et des bras pour embrasser le présent… néanmoins, la Nature n’est pas seulement “un paysage” à regarder, on a besoin de temps pour écouter son “silence”, la sentir, la respirer, la dorloter et surtout la respecter…

sa gracieuse perfection est visible partout, ses sentiers mènent vers un monde différent, splendide, magique… beauté simple, solitude assourdissante, inspiration mystique, ambiance paisible, sagesse ancestrale et humilité profonde, triomphe définitif de la nature sauvage, mais intime en même temps… des émotions timides et poétiques coulent dans nos veines avec légèreté devant un chef d’œuvre éternel: ancien et jeune, doux et violent, fier et modeste, pudique et démonstratif… explorons nos cœurs, à travers les lignes de nos mains, à la recherche du sens de notre existence terrestre – car cela vaut bien la peine… 🙂
* * *
pix taken @ La Palma de las Canarias…

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motto:”Live simply in the freshness of the present moment, in the pure clarity of the awakened mind.”(Matthieu Ricard)

Lady Nature offers to us dazzling trails and the shadow of its trees, and its seasons follow each other throughout the same essential communion of fantastic images… even though there are some paths, already traced, yet, we must figure them out, get familiar with them to be able to walk on, and move ahead… a dreaming mind has wings that carry it above the clouds of life and arms to embrace the present moment… nevertheless, Nature is not just a ‘scenery’ we watch, we need time to listen to its ‘silence’, to feel it, to cuddle it, to breathe it and to respect it…

its graceful perfection is visible everywhere, its pathways lead to different, gorgeous, magical realms… mere delight, deafening seclusion, mystical inspiration, peaceful atmosphere – ancestral wisdom and deep humility, final and intimate triumph of the wilderness… poetical and shy emotions flow lightly into our veins in front of an eternal masterpiece: ancient and young, mild and violent, proud and humble, bashful and effusive… let’s explore our hearts, throughout the lines of our hands, searching for the meaning of our earthly lifetime – ’cause it’s worth it… 🙂  

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  1. danijordanbailey99

    Lovely post! Please check out my first blog, follow me and comment ideas for my ‘nature and animal’ based on daily facts… animal of the week… all round blog! 🙂

  2. Beautiful words flowing, wonderful photos.

  3. It looks so peaceful there, Melanie. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Gorgeous. I had no idea the Canary islands were so beautifully endowed. Merci Mélanie!

    • yep, indeed & avec joie, Mel… 🙂 we’ve already visited the 4 main Canary islands(Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria & Fuerteventura), and last month this small one La Palma…(if you’re interested and if you have some spare minutes, you’ll find posts & pix here…) lots of Germans, Brits, Scandinavians and Dutch have retired in the Canary islands these past 25 years: it’s cheaper than Europe and the weather is fine all year long, 20°C in the morning, 28°C max in the afternoon!!! que désire le peuple?!… 🙂 we plan to visit the other 2 left: la Gomera & El Hierro… 🙂

  5. Fall is a perfect time to follow dazzling trails!

  6. Yes it is worth it, Melanie. Each path brings a new delight and refreshes. The little rounded valley with the pine trees captured me. It had magic. –Curt

    • the magic pinewood is in the Caldera de Taburiente National Park, on the island of La Palma(a small Canary island), where we hiked for almost 4h… I still dream of it… 🙂

  7. Magnifique diaporama… bon week-end!

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