my persistent “Indian summer”…:-)

je peux te toucher avec mes mots devenus des pétales de cette rose de fin-octobre… ses larmes viennent d’être balayées par le vent doux, laissant derrière des feuilles dorées – prêtes à partir… je te garde dans mes pensées, où notre bonne étoile nous emmène lentement vers un autre horizon… je t’aperçois partout, je sens ton souffle sur moi, et j’entends ta voix à travers les murmures ensoleillés de cette saison magnifique… ses nuances chatoyantes déclenchent une nouvelle émotion dans mon cœur… au fait – sois le bienvenu, Novembre! 🙂

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I can touch you with my words turned into the petals of this late October rose… its teardrops have been blown away by the soft wind, leaving behind golden leaves, ready to fall… I hold you within my thoughts, where our lucky star takes us slowly to another horizon… I can see you everywhere, I can feel your breath all over me, and I can hear your voice through the sunny whispers of this gorgeous season… its shimmering shades trigger a new emotion in my heart… btw, welcome November! 🙂


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  1. Where was the image with you in it taken?

  2. Your November looks very much at home already. 😉

  3. Quel joli texte! Bonne soirée, Mo

  4. Beautiful welcome to November. Where was the photo of you taken?

  5. We are having an Indian summer now too, Melanie. The temperature is going to be 20°C and there is even a bit of sun.

  6. Yes, welcome November! We are only now getting some fall colors!

  7. et l’arme devienne un tendre mot d’octobre pendant que notre amie est… nostalgique…(J’ai mal de toi!)

  8. Nature gives us such treasure… the jewels of Fall, her spectacular finale before she waves her hand and freezes us into Narnia for winter. This morning we have frost icing the fallen leaves – all is beautiful – every season – but Autumn is my favourite of four favourites! 😊

  9. Beautiful fall colors! We had some rich color this year. We also had a freak snow storm, but only enough to cover the ground.

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