trilingual declaration of LOVE…:-)

Poem… – Nichita Stănescu(poète roumain)

“Spune-mi, dacă te-aş prinde-ntr-o zi
şi ţi-aş săruta talpa piciorului,
nu-i aşa că ai şchiopăta puţin, după aceea,
de teamă să nu-mi striveşti sărutul?…”
* * *
“Dis-moi, si je te rattrapais un jour
et si je t’embrassais la plante du pied,
est-ce que tu boiterais un peu, après,
par crainte d’écraser mon baiser?…”

* * *
I took these pix in Kauai, Hawaii last year…

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‘Tell me, would I catch you some day
and would I kiss the sole of your foot,
would you hobble a bit afterwards –
by fear of crushing my kiss?…’
* * *
N.B. during my University years, I had the chance and honor to have met Nichita Stanescu(RIP) twice – one of the greatest contemporary Romanian poets – genuinely BRIGHT, but simple, reserved, humble.


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  1. Perfect photos for the lovely poem. Shall read some more. Thanks for the introduction.

  2. We tend to remember, in detail, when we meet with people whose words moved us.

  3. How unutterably beautiful…

  4. What a memory to cherish Melanie, having just checked a little of this noted Poet’s work, it will be definitely worth further reading, as with Beddoes. Thank you for two lovely links. Kind regards.

  5. I was not familiar with Nichita Stănescu, so I just read some of his works online. It is impressive. My favourite so far is “Burned Forest”.

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