pluie salée – avenir ensoleillé…:-)

je constate parfois que notre vie se transforme en littérature – assez longtemps pour que nous puissions nous en souvenir, et assez souvent pour que nous arrivions à comprendre que notre existence est parsemée de moments tendus et inévitables, des hauts et des bas… nous traversons tous, un ou plusieurs “déserts” au long de notre vie, mais nous trouvons tjs “une oasis” où nous pouvons nous rafraîchir le corps et l’esprit… perdre tout espoir, c’est comme si nous cessions d’exister, donc, rappelons-nous que toute “pluie salée” laisse derrière une promesse d’avenir ensoleillé… n’y renoncez JAMAIS, et surtout, ne vous abandonnez pas vous-même! 🙂
* * *
salty rain – sunny future… 🙂 – pix from

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I’ve noticed for awhile that sometimes our life turns into literature – long enough, so that we can remember it, and often enough so that what we eventually realize our existence is full of tense and inevitable moments, ups and downs… we all go through one or several ‘deserts’ during our lifetime, but we always come across ‘an oasis’ where we can refresh our body and mind… losing any hope, it’s like ceasing to exist, thus, let’s recall that each ‘salty rain’ leaves behind a promise of sunny future… NEVER give up, and above all, do not abandon yourselves! 🙂
* * *
bonus: Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush – Don’t Give Up…


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  1. Wise words you have given us here Melanie… xxx

  2. C’est vraiment fini les beaux jours, c’est ce qui est génial en France, c’est que l’on a les 4 saisons très marquées, ce n’est pas le cas dans beaucoup d’endroits.

  3. Inspiring words Mélanie.

    “Don’t Give Up” has always been one of my favourites.

  4. Life presents these rainy spells and although sometimes hard to look for the sun it can be found. Lovely images and hoping today is a sunny one for you.

  5. Seems we are having similar thoughts again. When things in our life get chaotic and confusing, Rick and I have used an expression from the TV series, LOST: it’s time to move the island. It’s our reality check, that reminder that things have gotten out of control and we need to reconnect to us… which has always been sane and stable. 😉

    BTW, is that a persimmon tree… or an orange tree?

    Off to work… and looking for rainbows.

  6. Thank you Melanie for your words of encouragement.

  7. When life gets really crappy, Melanie, I go looking for an oasis. It may be a good book, a mountain meadow, a warm embrace, a smiling child or a tail-wagging dog. But there is always one there. If all fails, I turn to writing. Good thoughts and wise. Thank you. –Curt

  8. Merci Melanie, for this wonderful encouragement.

  9. oh, Melanie, today we mix chocolate with spices, strawberries with vodka… and sometimes we really need a real sweet taste of… life! and sometimes we can be tired to look for the sun which is always behind the clouds… I’m not pesimistic, but life is more and more “black and white”, and less colored!!! love you, Meli!!!

  10. Bonsoir Mélanie,

    J’ai un peu de mal à lire les blogs des amis car mon accès internet est un peu sporadique là où je suis en ce moment, mais je passe chaque fois que je peux. Bonne soirée, Mo

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