sagesse + bon sens = équilibre + sérénité…

cette semaine, j’ai passé un après-midi de qualité avec une “ancienne” amie(elle a 40 ans!), médecin-urgentiste que je n’avais pas vue depuis quelque temps, car elle est extrêmement occupée… elle m’a raconté sa dernière nuit de garde, je vous passe les détails, mais je suis entièrement d’accord avec elle:“tu sais, Mélanie, je suis ‘dépendante’ des gens optimistes, simples, amusants, modestes dont l’énergie positive est ‘contagieuse’… et dans mon travail et dans ma vie de tous les jours, je me tiens le plus loin possible de ceux qui sont négatifs, se prennent la tête et friment, des snobs désagréables et prétentieux qui se croient supérieurs aux autres… nous ne devons jamais gaspiller not’ temps à avancer des preuves évidentes de bonne foi face à des gens de mauvaise foi dont l’orgueil est sans limites – c’est comme un “dialogue de sourds”, par conséquent, une illusion perdue d’avance… l’unique issue, c’est de les ignorer sagement – afin de préserver not’ équilibre et not’ paix intérieure…” – admiration & respect pour cette jeune-femme brillante, généreuse, dévouée – son amitié est un trésor inestimable et un vrai honneur pour moi… ❤

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wisdom + common sense = balance + inner peace… 3 days ago, I spent a quality afternoon with an ‘old’ friend(she’s 40!), who’s an ER doctor, whom I had not seen for awhile, because she is extremely busy… she told me about her last night shift, I won’t give any details, but I totally agree with her:‘you know, Mélanie, I’m ‘dependent’ on optimistic, simple, funny, humble people whose positive energy is ‘contagious’… both at my work and in my daily life, I stay as far as possible from those who are negative, take the lead and show off, unpleasant and pretentious snobs who believe they’re superior to the others… we must never waste our time putting forward obvious evidence in front of dishonest people whose vainglory is limitless: it’s like a ‘dialogue of the deaf’, therefore, an illusion lost beforehand… the only way out is to ignore them wisely – in order to preserve our balance and our inner peace…’ – admiration & respect for this brilliant, generous, devoted young lady – her friendship is a priceless treasure and a real honor to me… ❤  


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  1. A diffuser abondamment…

  2. Like your friend I find it easy to help others, even those pretentious ones. But your statement on balance is so accurate. I find my tolerance of self indulgent people wanes and I end up merely tolerating them until I no longer care to do even that… their lives and connection to mine are never long lasting. Inversely… those real and genuine people find a place in my heart that lasts a lifetime… and beyond. ❤

  3. Very beautiful photographs, and the quote is life giving.

  4. Humility wrapped up with a sense of humor and optimism… a powerful combination, Melanie. –Curt

  5. Like your friend, Melanie, the flowers spring forth in a positive joyful presence.
    We need more people like her.

  6. Beautiful flowers and great advice.

  7. Un texte plein de sagesse… beau diaporama. Bonne soirée!

  8. “we must never waste our time putting forward obvious evidence in front of dishonest people whose vainglory is limitless” – the eternal optimist in me says, “I know people who are sign language translators so that the hearing can communicate with the deaf”, but alas the dishonest lack any INTEREST in understanding, or have already concluded that everyone else’s viewpoint is inferior to their own. Perhaps we shouldn’t… but not to do so is surrender, and we already saw what happened to the world when people ignored the Nazis…

  9. You have a very wonderful friend there, Melanie and one whose wisdom is great. Loved the lines “it’s like a ‘dialogue of the deaf’”… This I so resonated with… Best get back to my knitting… 🙂 Love and Hugs your way. Loved the slide show. Very colourful blooms… Hugs, Sue xxx

  10. Oh how I LOVE this! Your young old friend has it inspiringly right. And you, of course, are the very person she is describing… 🙂 ❤️

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