‘Happiness is like a butterfly…’

I’ve dreamed I was a butterfly, flitting around YOU… next, I awoke within a fairy maze, and I still wonder: have I really dreamed of being a butterfly, or am I the very butterfly?!… once again, late-November has put a spell on us, stay with me in my dreams, and rest your soul over my heart… ❤
* * *
daily reminder:’Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder…'(Henry David Thoreau)
* * *
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j’ai rêvé que j’étais un papillon, tournoyant autour de TOI… ensuite, je me suis réveillée dans un labyrinthe féerique, et je me redemande: ai-je vraiment rêvé d’être un papillon, ou suis-je le papillon même?!… encore une fois, fin-novembre nous a jeté un sort, reste avec moi dans mes rêves, et repose ton âme sur mon cœur… ❤
* * *
rappel journalier:”Le bonheur est comme un papillon; plus tu le chasses, plus il t’échappera, mais si tu détournes ton attention vers d’autres choses, il reviendra se poser doucement sur ton épaule…“(Henry David Thoreau)

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  1. A delightful dream to awake from Melanie, Nature’s way of involving us in Her world, via the simplicity of an all embracing dream.

  2. Great way to wake up on a Monday morning… you brought a smile to my face… as usual. 😀

  3. No point in chasing after it, happiness is often only realized when lost.

  4. That quote from Thoreau has been flitting round my head all year… he lived just down the road and his amazing group of thinkers and writers was formed here. I wish that more would stop chasing rainbows and just allow their butterflies to settle on their shoulder… they always will if one is still enough to enable it!

  5. A great thought to begin the Sunday and prepare for a new week ahead. 🙂

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