dilemme quotidien – daily dilemma…

motto:”Je ne dois pas avoir peur, car elle tue l’esprit comme une petite mort qui entraîne l’oblitération absolue. Je vais affronter ma peur.”(Frank Herbert – Dune)

océan déchaîné ou désert de miel, eaux insouciantes ou sables mouvants, soleil de plomb ou abysse infini?… double passerelle à la symétrie parfaite, j’entends son silence – sans début et sans fin… mon esprit s’envole comme un nuage pressé, tandis qu’un aut’ crépuscule enlace l’arbre de vie – juste avant que ses feuilles s’égarent dans un horizon insoumis…

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motto:“I must not fear, because it’s the mind-killer, a little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear.”(Frank Herbert – Dune)

raging ocean or honey desert, carefree waters or quicksands, heavy lead sun or inscrutable abyss?… double footbridge with perfect symmetry, I can hear its silence – no beginning and no end… my spirit flies away like a hasty cloud, whereas another twilight embraces the tree of life – just before its leaves get lost into a rebellious horizon…
* * *
have a merry Monday & a fearless week, folks!


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  1. Very picturesque images Melanie, always something different and interesting in each one, the picture of the rocks on the sea shore drew my attention, there is a dark area that looks very much like the map of Australia with New Zealand off to the side. I do peruse each picture closely. Kind regards and Best wishes.

  2. beautiful images Melanie!! And I love that quote!

  3. Very, very beautiful my friend. Merci!

  4. No need to fear, Melanie.

  5. I think I have been on that footbridge, Melanie, caught between the here and now, the then and forgotten, and the future and infinity… with beauty all around. –Curt

  6. Your words remind me to fear nothing because there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Happiest of Happy Mondays to you, dear Melanie! 😘

  7. A fearless week sounds good. I will work on it.

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