Pacific memories…

à travers le Pacifique – across the Pacific
mes émotions décollent – my emotions take off
vers l’ouest – westward…
* * *
avant le crépuscule – before dusk
les alizées chantent – tradewinds sing
dans mon cœur – within my heart…
* * *
pix taken @ Yakushima island, Southern Japan last May…

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au soleil levant – at sunrise
un mot d’amour surgit – a love note appears
au milieu des marées – in the thick of the tides…

des souvenirs constants – perennial memories
comblent ma vie – fill up my life
d’une pure joie – with pure joy…


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Posted on 9 December 2016, in melanie. Bookmark the permalink. 11 Comments.

  1. Lovely words, lovely pictures, lovely post! 😘

  2. Delightful pictures of Yakushima island Melanie, you certainly have an album of very diverse and picturesque locations around the Globe. Kind regards.

  3. so refreshing and your lovely words.

  4. So peaceful there by the ocean. It strengthens the soul. Have a great weekend, Melanie!

  5. Immagini stupende di una dolce signora immersa nei colori! Grazie di ❤ di ricordarti di me! Buone feste di serenità. Shera with love

  6. De beaux mots pour accompagner ce beau diaporama… Bonne journée!

  7. Frumoase locuri, frumoasă doamnă… ♥

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