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wintertime has just landed…:-)

l’hiver vient de débarquer via son solstice avec un clin d’œil à sa Lune… 😉 notre soleil est l’étoile la plus proche de notre planète, et pendant des millénaires, Dieu Râ – le maître de l’année continue à veiller sur nous… acceptons les aspects positifs et enrichissants de cette saison: obscurité et lumière, yin et yang – espoir et renaissance… observons-la attentivement et honorons sa beauté (souvent!) non désirée, essayons d’apercevoir les couleurs manquantes avec nos cœurs et imitons son courage… soyons reconnaissants pour sa sagesse qui nous apprend la nécessité de cette période comme une partie essentielle du renouvellement… N.B.  je vous remercie pour vos gentils vœux et je vous souhaite de passer un hiver fabuleux! 🙂

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wintertime has just landed via its solstice with a wink at its Moon… 😉 our sun is the closest star to our planet, and for millennia, self-created God Râ – the master of the year is still watching over us… let’s embrace the positive, enriching aspects of winter: darkness and light, yin and yang – hope and rebirth… let’s notice and honor its beauty in this (often!) unwanted season… let’s try to see the missing colors with our hearts and let’s imitate the courage that winter proclaims… let’s be grateful for its wisdom in teaching us about the need for withdrawal as an essential part of renewal… N.B. I thank you for your kind wishes and have a fantastic winter, guys! 🙂

merry holidays & an excellent 2017!:-)

well, it’s gonna be a very busy end of December, thus I’d like to convey you my very best… let’s remember we all have super-powers, inner skills and qualities, so let’s go after them! let’s connect to ourselves, let’s soothe our mind and let’s try to see life in bright shades – not necessarily in ‘pink’… 🙂 we can’t be cheerful and happy 24/24, since joy & happiness coexist with sadness & pain, but being happy also means taking advantage of everything that happens to us, as it may turn into a real “engine” that will help us feel better, move on and forward, fix or heal our wounds and overcome our difficulties… let’s stop comparing and let’s understand once for all that “material stuff” has NEVER made people happy… I encourage you to please yourselves, and to smile as often as possible… I’m tryin’ “to chase” the right words with a butterfly net, and I sometimes fail to catch them, and then, I recall this piece of wisdom:“Everything in life is writable about – if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”(Sylvia Plath) 🙂

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O.K., here’s the menu for 2017: start with a cocktail of joy, continue with a soup of friendship, followed by a “gratin” of health… treat yourself with a filet of love and its spicy gravy, then smoothly finish with a chocolate log and a ‘champagne shower’… trust your own strength, take assumed risks, and keep in mind that each day is UNIQUE, therefore a new year may be a promise of new discoveries and further accomplishments… laughter and fun extend our lifetime, as much as quality moments with our loved ones… have a colorful and amazing year ahead, with awesome surprises and may some of your dreams come true… stay healthy, optimistic, and positive – so you’ll be able to reach your lucky star and bring back a sparkle into your life… MILLE MERCI – 1000 thanx for your faithful presence & friendly thoughts… ❤
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N.B.”If YOU remember me, then, I don’t care if anyone else forgets me!”(Haruki Murakami) 🙂

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