my home is where my heart is…

Cicéron a clairement affirmé:”ubi bene, ibi patria!” = la patrie est où l’on se sent bien… je suis entièrement d’accord avec son affirmation, et je rajouterais ceci: ma maison est là où mon cœur se trouve… ❤ en général, février est assez ensoleillé par chez nous, on peut avoir même 20°C… à propos, où que nous allions, et peu importe le temps qu’il fera, amenons tjs avec nous not’ propre “soleil” – comme source de joie… 🙂
* * *
my street, my home, and one of the 2 playgrounds of my neighborhood… 🙂

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Cicero plainly stated:”ubi bene, ibi patria!” = homeland is where one feels well… I do  agree with his statement, and I’d like to add: my home is where my heart is… ❤ usually, February is quite sunny in our area, temperatures may go up to 20°C… btw, wherever we go, and no matter what the weather might be, let’s always bring over our own “sunshine” – as a source of joy… 🙂
* * *
have a cheerful weekend, guys! 🙂


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  1. A pleasure to see these views of your home area, I do like that little street, the buildings seem to have Mediterranean style about them, reminds me of some of the early colonial buildings in Valparaiso. Kind regards.

  2. Je suis d’accord avec ta philosophie, Mélanie. Passe une bonne fin de week-end, Mo

  3. A lovely piece and a great sentiment… xoxoxo

  4. a beautiful heartfelt sentiment, Melanie!

  5. I like both sayings. It’s interesting that home is not necessarily where one is born.

  6. Cicerone esprime in questa frase il moderno concetto dell’uomo cittadino del mondo, concetto oggi valido più che mai, ma che viene offuscato, insanguinato dagli eventi luttuosi degli ultimi tempi, che fanno rinascere l’idea antiquata di innalzare muri ai confini per proteggersi dalla efferata idiozia di altri uomini. La storia è davvero fatta di corsi e ricorsi! Ciao Melanie! 🙂

  7. charmant votre pays, moins froid que le mien, aujourd’hui particulièrement…

  8. When we spent a month in Bandol, a few years ago I remember walking down the street and it looked very much like yours. There was a sign on one of the houses “Lou Peridu”. I wish I was there. Have a great weekend, Melanie.

    • I’ve been to Bandol twice, its architecture is quite different from ours, here in the “région Midi-Pyrénées”… Bandol is about 500km away from Toulouse, nearby Marseille and Cassis, one of Provence’s most internationally recognized wine regions – cheers! 🙂

  9. C’est vrai ce que tu dis. Bonne soirée et bon week-end! ☀️

  10. Have a great weekend, Melanie!

  11. Cicéron a bien raison, et ta maison sous le soleil est lumineuse… amicalement, France

  12. very long time no communication… Bonjour!!!

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