“Pain is a journey…”

“Il y a un enchaînement de mère à fille qui est assez compliqué et me fait souvent plonger dans des sables mouvants… La douleur est un voyage et le chagrin est une émotion personnelle, car aucun traumatisme n’est pareil. Du coup, je pensais que j’étais différente de tous les autres, que je ne passerais pas par ce processus typique et que je serais capable de le surmonter. Mais j’ai néanmoins réalisé que le parcours de la peine est presque le même pour tout le monde, comme un réveil. J’ai regardé en arrière et j’ai constaté que j’avais terminé un chapitre de ma vie, et que j’en avais commencé un autre. C’est un processus naturel, suivi d’une certaine expérience humaine commune que j’ai traversée. Je ressens de la compassion et j’ai une relation plus forte avec moi-même et avec les autres, un sentiment que j’affectionne. Nous sommes tous des êtres émotifs et nous devons trouver une voie pour cela dans notre vie quotidienne – avec tous les outils que nous possédons. Par conséquent: ne m’enlevez pas la douleur, car c’est ma seule chance de guérir!”(Björk GUÐMUNDSDÓTTIR – artiste islandaise)
* * *
N.B. Les mots de Björk ont profondément résonné dans mon cœur le 13/02, car ma mère est décédée il y a 10 ans, RIP… je crois que la vie et la mort sont un peu “frères (ou sœurs!) d’armes” qui combattent (contre) le temps, et c’est à nous de faire la paix… nous regardons tjs nos vies à travers de nouvelles perspectives, et tant que nous aimons jusqu’au bout, le néant n’est qu’un épisode, car le temps se “soumet” finalement à l’amour éternel…

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“There’s a chain from mother to daughter which is rather complicated and often makes me dive into quicksands… Pain is a journey and grief is a personal emotion, as no trauma is alike. So, I thought I was different from everyone else, that I would not go through this typical process, that I would be able to power through. But, I nevertheless realized that the journey of grief is similar for everyone, like a wake-up call. I looked back and I saw that I had finished a chapter in my life, and that I had begun a new one. This is a natural process, and there is a certain common human experience which I went through. I feel compassion and a stronger connection to myself and others, and I’m really fond of the feeling. We are all emotional beings and we need to find a path for this in our everyday life – with whatever tools we have. Therefore, don’t remove my pain, as it’s my only chance to heal!”(Björk GUÐMUNDSDÓTTIR – Icelandic artist)
* * *
N.B. Björk’s words deeply resonated within my heart on Feb 13th, for my mother passed away 10 years ago, RIP… I do believe that life and death are kinda “brothers(or “sisters”, as in French they’re both feminine nouns!) in arms” – fighting against time, and it’s up to us to make peace… we always look at our lives from new perspectives, and as long as we love whole-heartedly, nothingness is just an episode, for time ‘surrenders’ to eternal love, eventually…


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  1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

    I would say most walks we have to take alone, since everything we experience is happening inside our brain. Pain cannot be shared, because one has to feel it on their own.

  2. Beautiful, both Bjork’s words and yours. And I know that it is at that deepest part of our human experience that we can connect across our differences. And since my mother died 26 years ago, there have been times when I saw her with different eyes and felt closer to her in spirit than ever during her life. Blessings continue to come from our closest relationships, even troubled ones, across the veil of death.

  3. With time, pain eases and happy memories take their place. At least with me. –Curt

  4. Without a certain amount of pain we can not know our true joy. Your thoughts are very profound, Melanie.

  5. Pain is indeed a journey and grief the most personal one of all! So very sorry for the loss of your mother on this date 10 years ago… I lost mine almost 30 years ago with the coming of the spring in late March, just as I was preparing to give life to my own son. I feel your pain! And I do love Björk, one of the most original voices of a generation. Heartfelt hugs!

    • je te remercie de tout cœur, Mel… ❤ saddened to hear about your maman, she was certainly much younger than mine(74), RIP… it seems that we turn adults after we've become "orphans".

  6. These are very moving words.

  7. lovely words, we never forget our Mamans.

  8. First, may I acknowledge the passing of your mother 10 years ago… death of those closest to us is always painful and never leaves us though in time, it finds its place to nestle comfortably in us. Björk’s words are profound and entirely correct. That death brings opportunity, it is not something that many of us recognize, nor dwell on, but it is so in the natural order of things. This is a particularly lovely piece of writing, Mel, and I send you hugs from Grenoble… 😘

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