I like “to listen” to the poets…:-)

I try to wake up every morning with a grateful feeling, an optimistic and positive attitude… our existence is far too short to dwell on wrong, unfair or whatever “crap stuff” which does complicate our days (and nights!)… 🙂 otherwise, I often start my day with a poem and I’ve just read Francis Carco’s “il pleut…” – “it’s raining…” – for real! I like “to listen” to the poets, as they celebrate the immortal dawn and invite us to taste the joy of living, to give a long-lasting shape to this ephemeral treasure of which we’ll never have enough… I use to switch from a poem to another – in French, English, Romanian or Spanish, and I always find out a different “realm”, where the charm of solitude crosses the huge power of love(or passion), the vital importance of friendship, the fascinating ocean, the “comings and goings” of the seasons, etc… now and then, I take a few “walks” alone, to find the answers to some of my questions – in Nature’s silence and/or through my “busy” solitude…

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in fact, there’s a huge difference between “loneliness” – sort of ‘sadness’ or even ‘seclusion’, caused by the lack of friends or company – and THE ‘chosen’ solitude – which is a temporary state or situation… as for the poets, their talent helps them avoid, refuse or deny the alleged or imposed “wisdom” of any “époque”… there’s a French saying:”happy people are not supposed to have a (hi)story to tell” – but it’s untrue – for they do have one or several stories to relate, and some of them are tremendously interesting, as “polished” by the past years, they both enlighten and protect their soul… even during the darkest hours of his lifetime, Louis Aragon(French poet) stated:”Happiness does exist and I do believe in it…” – well, life throws new “battles” daily, we have to face them and fight them with self-confidence, to move on, ahead and forward – courageously and fearless, listening to our heart’s poetry… 🙂


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  1. Bună, Melanie! 🙂 Mi-a plăcut postarea, iar citatul e tot atat de bine ales ”Happiness does exist and I do believe in it…” 🙂

    “Simt timpul cum foşneşte prin mine
    între două vârste ale aceloraşi clipe
    lângă o lună de papaya ce mă ascultă-n şoapte…”

    Multumesc, Melanie, că pot intra la locul tău de joacă! 🙂

  2. A really beautiful post. Merci.

  3. Da, poezia inimii poate fi ascultată oriunde, și pe cele mai însorite și înverzite meleaguri și pe o străduță murdară și în zăpezile ce acoperă un sătuc. Inimă să ai!

  4. What a lovely post Melanie. I would consider myself a happy person. I have my struggles, ups and down, just like anyone else. That’s life, right? But I am truly happy and content in who I am. I love my alone times. I need them. Please have a lovely day and rest of the week. 🙂 ❤

  5. Mélanie,

    J’admire ta capacité à être toujours positive même si j’en suis loin d’y arriver ainsi moi-même. Bonne soirée, Mo

  6. You are a true philosopher, Melanie.

  7. Melanie, this is the most wonderful message – it is true that happiness is to a great extent in our own hands. I have known people with nothing – hungry, ill-clothed and homeless who are happy, and people with supposedly everything who are discontented and sad. Poetry and art are such gifts that I cannot ignore them for more than a day and nature herself is, I know we both agree, the greatest artist of all. But to appreciate her and to appreciate the beauty of poetry, one must take time alone and one must love oneself as a wonderful and beautiful creation… you are one of the most beautiful, so there. Happy day to my beauteous friend and much love to you! ❤️

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