writing is kinda living more and longer…:-)

1st of all: THANK YOU for visits, your friendly presence and your generous words… ❤ I’m sociable and communicative, but also reserved and sensitive – which is supposed to be the “brand” of a large-hearted person, who’s not afraid of letting others see it… btw, showing our emotions is a sign of strength, too! 🙂 – (if) you wanna meet me, you’ll find me between 2 blank pages, hoping to fill them up asap, ’cause “someday, I’ll find the right words, and they’ll be simple…”(Jack Kerouac) a French poet said that “leaving is like almost passing-away…” – but I’d rather add: writing is kinda living more and longer… 🙂 meanwhile, I deal with my thoughts, I face them, as I’m the only one to do everything I want with them, taking exit 14 – constantly! 🙂
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d’abord MERCI pour vos visites, pour vot’ présence amicale et vos mots généreux… ❤ je suis sociable et communicative, mais aussi sensible et réservée – ce qui est censé être “la marque” d’une personne au grand cœur qui ose le montrer… au fait, exprimer nos émotions est un signe de force, aussi! 🙂 (si) vous souhaitez me rencontrer, vous me (re)trouverez entre 2 pages blanches, en espérant les remplir le plus tôt possible, car “un beau jour, je trouverai les mots justes, et ils seront simples…”(Jack Kerouac) Edmond Haraucourt disait:“partir, c’est mourir un peu…” – mais j’y rajouterais:”écrire”, c’est comme vivre davantage et plus longtemps… cependant, j’examine et j’affronte mes pensées, car moi seule peux en faire tout ce que JE veux avec, en prenant la sortie 14 – assez régulièrement! 🙂
* * *
have a loving and lovely weekend, guys! 🙂 ❤


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  1. J’aime cette idée de se retrouver entre deux pages. Cela pourrait constituer un bon début de cheminement pour arriver à une bonne fin pour un roman…

  2. a wonderful reflection from a wise traveler who knows her way home… 🙂

  3. Writing is showing our vulnerability… it is finding ourselves… Let’s be true!

  4. I like the thought of the blank pages that we all have to fill, Melanie. It gives us many new horizons.

  5. I’ve never thought of it that way, but it certainly makes me feel more alive and vibrant which I guess could almost be synonymous with living more and longer. 😀

  6. Beautiful!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Well said! I love:”Someday, I’ll find the right words and they will be simple.” I once read something written by a Sunday School teacher of the mentally handicapped. She said that she kept trying to find simpler ways to say things and finally managed to make it, simple enough that SHE understood it.

  8. I like the ideas suggested here. At the very least, writing lets us extend our journeys and invite others to joins us.

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