“coffee thoughts” on the 1st of March…:-)

in the silence of the chilly dawn, the sunbeams get through the clouds like an arrow and drop by my cup of dark coffee… I do feel grateful for the dazzling light that melts the dew, for the peaceful solitude that brings over a mood of thankfulness and hope… these are cherished moments, full of pure joy, with my steaming coffee, as having this daily opportunity does fuel my gratitude and intensifies its flavor… my routine is quite simple and pleasant: I wrap my hands around my mug, I inhale, and I drink it sip by sip… coffee seems to awaken my heart and mind, “forcing” TIME to crawl, before I finish it up, and then, a new day begins… have an optimistic March with lots of rainbows, guys! 🙂
* * *
photos taken at Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USofA…

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dans le silence de l’aube frisquette, les rayons du soleil traversent les nuages comme une flèche et se posent sur ma tasse de café noir… je suis vraiment reconnaissante pour cette splendide lumière qui se fond dans la rosée, pour la solitude paisible qui m’apporte un sentiment de gratitude et d’espoir… ce sont des moments pleins de joie que j’affectionne autour du café chaud, cette chance quotidienne attise ma gratitude et intensifie sa saveur… ma routine est simple et agréable: j’enveloppe ma tasse, je la hume et je déguste mon café par petites gorgées… il semble réveiller mon cœur et mon esprit, en “obligeant” le TEMPS à se traîner avant que ma tasse soit vide, et alors, un nouveau jour commence… ayez un mois de mars optimiste, parsemé d’arcs-en-ciel! 🙂

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  1. Și pentru mine ritualul matinal al cafelei este aducător de mare bucurie pentru întreaga zi. Să ai o primăvară fericită, dragă Melania!

  2. I love my coffee and tea times. 🙂

  3. Beautiful ode to the month of March. Enjoy your morning coffee – I can almost smell the aroma!

  4. Words and photos, wonderfully beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous description, Melanie. And I was right there with you, having a really good cup of coffee.

  6. What an amazing place that Antelope Canyon must be. Happy March Melanie.

  7. You have a much better attitude about March than I do. I will try to stay optimistic.

  8. You have the perfect ritual and the perfect attitude, beautiful lady. Antelope Canyon is on my bucket list… I can dream and that is what life should be for dreaming and making the good dreams – spring to life… xxx

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