POETRY & LOVE keep my heart young…:-)

nous nous reposons souvent cette question: quel chemin ou quel sentier dois-je suivre?… je choisirai tjs celui de la poésie, parce qu’elle nous garde le cœur jeune – et même si je dois traverser un tunnel, j’essayerai d’arriver à son bout de lumière… je viens de relire qqs poèmes de Jacques Prévert et je suis entièrement d’accord avec sa définition:”La poésie, je ne sais pas très bien ce que c’est, mais c’est le plus joli surnom qu’on donne à la VIE…”
* * *
pix from google.fr & “Poems of Pleasure” by Ella Wheeler-Wilcox via https://professionsforpeace.com

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we often ask ourselves this question: what road or path shall I follow?… I’ll always choose that of poetry, ’cause it keeps our hearts young, and even though it has to go through a tunnel, I’ll try to reach its end of light… I’ve just reread some of Jacques Prévert’s works, and I totally agree with his definition:”Poetry? – I don’t really know what it is, but it’s the loveliest nickname given to LIFE…”
* * *
have a lively weekend and stay young at heart, folks! 🙂


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  1. Again your words and pictures come together delightfully. That is a magical phrase by Prevert on What is Poetry. A pleasure to visit and enjoy your post, Melanie.

  2. That winding road beautifully captures the meandering path of poetry in expressing thoughts and feelings. Lovely sentiments, Miss M! xxx

  3. Great Jacques Prévert quote, and love the photo of the winding road through the woods. 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on A Grateful Man's Poetry and commented:
    “…the loveliest nickname given to LIFE.” I like the sound of that!

    With Love,

  5. Bon choix, Melanie, la poésie vous donne aussi la sagesse.

  6. The photo of the road is making me dizzy…

  7. What beautiful words! Merci Melanie.

  8. What a fabulous quote! I love that. I love it so much I may write it out and stick it on my fridge! Of course, as ever your words and photos are glorious and I wish you an equally glorious weekend! xxx

    • MILLE MERCI, Mrs B! ❤ speakin' of fabulous quotes:“A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful implanted in the human soul.”(Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

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