“Design your flower life…” – now and always…:-)

8 mars 2016 – Journée internationale de la FEMME et de nos droits… Bonne Fête à toutes les femmes! – Many happy returns of this day to all women! 🙂
* * *
as I love Japan where I’ve been 5 times, I’d like to share with you the amazing work of a Japanese lady, flower artist and medical researcher, Rie Okitsu, who has created a way to enjoy beautiful blooms in an unlikely setting, via Edison-style light bulbs… since I have NO artistic talent, all I can say is: admiration and respect for Okitsu-san… more @ http://mymodernmet.com/flower-light-bulb-vase/

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rappel:”La femme est l’avenir de l’homme!”(Louis Aragon) et selon Christian Dior:”les femmes et les fleurs sont les plus belles ‘choses’ du monde, mais chaque femme est une princesse…” 🙂
* * *
reminder:”Woman is man’s future!”(Louis Aragon), and according to Christian Dior:”women and flowers are the most beautiful ‘things’ in the world, but each woman is a princess…” 🙂
* * *
have a wonderful day, gals, full of your favourite flowers! 🙂



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  1. Ces ampoules fleuries sont ravissantes…

  2. A beautiful artistic talent Melanie, the Japanese have to be admired for their intricate art work, thanks for sharing.

  3. Those are amazing! So beautiful.

  4. Ciao dolce Mél@nie. Grazie del tuo pensiero. Un abbraccio, Shera

  5. A neat way to recognize the day, Melanie. Thanks. –Curt

  6. What a wonderful idea, Melanie.

  7. Very pretty… is that an oil inside the bulb?

  8. These are lovely, Happy NWD!

  9. How absolutely exquisite those are! I can’t even begin to imagine how she does it, but that is part of the art. I had a friend, now long dead, an American who was a master of Ikebana… I used to love watching him make those deceptively simply creations. He would have loved these.

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