NATURE’s (heart)breaking news…

‘The Azure Window’ on Gozo isle has collapsed into the sea due to extremely strong winds – lost and gone forever!!! Btw,  some of you may have noticed it in the famous “Game of Thrones” – more here:
* * *
une fois de plus, la phrase de Michel de Montaigne est d’actualité:”La nature peut et fait tout.” – comme hier, aujourd’hui et encore demain… ELLE est intemporelle: elle compose, dessine, sculpte, chante, danse, écrase, et à long terme, “elle” reconstruit TOUT… une autre preuve que les forces de la Nature sont toujours à l’œuvre, nous rappelant que notre planète est un environnement en constante évolution, dont les processus de base sont au-delà du contrôle humain… en même temps, comme nous avons bcp modifié la Terre pour répondre à nos besoins, nous ne pouvons que nous émerveiller devant son pouvoir infini…

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once again, like yesterday, today and also tomorrow:”Nature can and makes everything.”(Michel de Montaigne) SHE’s timeless, as “she” composes, draws, sculpts, sings, dances, overwhelms, crushes, freezes, etc, and, in the long run, “she” does rebuild everything… another evidence that Nature’s forces are always at work, reminding us that our planet is an ever-changing environment, whose basic processes are beyond human control… last but not least: as much as we’ve altered the Earth to suit our needs, we can only stand in awe before its endless power…
* * *
P.S. I visited both Malta and Gozo(its smaller “sister”) almost 3 years ago… I did mention it here:


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  1. yes, the landscape constantly changes…

  2. how fortunate having your beautiful images to remember what was…

  3. Bonjour Mélanie,

    Tes petites perles de sagesse sont toujours les bienvenues ainsi que certains rappels… Passe un bon week-end (ou ce qu’il en reste…)

  4. So sad when I heard the news. A beauty I was never able to see.

  5. I recently read of this collapse of the archway, we had one similar here collapse a couple of years back, definitely natures choice in landscaping.
    Kind regards.

  6. Așa e, natura poate să facă orice. Și face niște chestii… ☺ Zi frumoasă, Melania!

  7. We were lucky to see it while it was there because of you, Melanie. Thank you for that.

  8. Yes, I heard the news… it’s been one of several “historic” losses due to weather, but it makes the images we have of it priceless.

  9. Such a beautiful arch… gone. sad… showing us how nature is forever changing, reshaping and moving, as it evolves… Nothing stays the same for long. I hope we humans also learn to move and adapt, too. Especially to get along with Mother Nature and to treat her with respect.

    Love and Hugs Melanie… thank you for sharing, this was news to me today. ❤ xxx

  10. That’s very sad. It reminds of us why we should pay attention to our surroundings.

  11. Never been to Malta but would love to go one day. Hopefully it will still be beautiful in its own unique way, even if bits are submerged or collapsed (rather like moi…) 😀

  12. Sad. We also lost a similar arch in 2010. Once gone it’s hard to believe they were ever there. 😦

  13. I visited Malta and Gozo a few months before my father died. He had been stationed there in the Navy for a couple of years and I rang him each day and told him my day. I treasure the memories for they were amongst the last little moments shared with him. This is the saddest news but nature, of course is in charge of her own landscape and her tempestuous temper should remind us to respect her above all things. I know you agree. I am sad and I am reminded to be mindful.

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