some “random stuff” that brings me pure joy…:-)

my loved ones – our feelings, emotions, quality time spent together… then, reading, writing, and above all – learning, and translating experiences into a direct and sharable format… I guess I’m gonna be a student all my lifetime, attracted by everything that sparks my curiosity… movement, action, hiking, Nature’s soothing peace – anything that allows me to be open-minded, to release, to express myself… but also supporting and encouraging others to follow their passions or helping them to see the end of any tunnel…
* * *
my recent joy: strolls around my village and to the lake of the white elm tree… 🙂

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a lunch with my close friends, laughing with them by making fun of myself, telling them ‘inappropriate’, silly, cynical or witty jokes, as just a smile on someone’s face makes me happy… same “old” friends have been patient listeners for years, showing up whenever life has been hard and have held me within their ‘elephant’ hearts, ’cause they know me well and do trust me enough to let go… now and then, I choose randomness(haphazardness!), and I deliberately keep a few days with no plans at all like this sunny weekend, supposed to be gray according to the weather forecast… 🙂
* * *
btw, what brings you joy, guys?… have a peaceful Sunday and a light week ahead, as wintertime is almost over – on the calendar… 🙂


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  1. joyfully with so many trees in your past… 🙂

  2. A student of life for life. Enjoy!

  3. your words are heartwarming Mel and the images of where you live are so beautiful!

  4. A lovely post and photos. Your and other traveling bloggers posts that let me travel virtually around the world with them are always a bright spot for me. Also, as you mentioned, laughing and helping others find humor in the middle of challenging times. Beauty in nature and beauty created by people are deep wells of joy for me to draw refreshment from. And my connection to the one who urges me to “pick up my pallet and walk,” when I slip slide into a pity party. Lots of wells of joy when we look for them, aren’t there?

  5. I loved this post today, Melanie! ❤ A lot of what you already mentioned… but I could include seeing people I care about having success in their life, even more so if it was a hard one success. Helping my loved ones, going on little adventures… whether in my neighborhood or while traveling. Watching wildlife and of course… gardening. Being able to communicate and have connection with people and refusing to see distance as a barrier. It's all about the connection and interchange. 🙂

  6. A very beautiful post. For me there is joy in spending time with my family, being in nature, and my faith. I seek peace as much as I can.

  7. All wonderful, Melanie. Mine are similar. –Curt

  8. The sun is shining and it is so much warmer today. I see little shoots of leaves pushing up through the ground. I think it is here. Have a great evening Melanie.

  9. Time and space to enjoy brings me joy. The unexpected thrill of a sunny Sunday and starting to take out the garden furniture for the warmer weather ahead. And reading my fellow bloggees’ – joyful thoughts! xxx

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