pink and white blooms on the same tree stem…:-)

avez-vous imaginé ou déjà vu un arbre aux 2 floraisons différentes? – eh bien, j’ai pris ces photos hier, en route vers le centre du village, où j’ai croisé cet arbre aux fleurs roses et blanches – sur le même tronc, et ça avait l’air d’un greffon naturel… ce qui m’a rappelé que, souvent et de façon tacite, nous considérons comme crédible toute chose ou affirmation que nous arrivons à comprendre… d’ailleurs, les scientifiques ont formulé une explication: le phénomène d’acceptation d’un énoncé ou d’une idée, équivaut à la perception physique d’un objet – par conséquent, si nous le voyons, c’est qu’il existe, ou si quelqu’un nous dit qqchose que nous comprenons, il y a de fortes chances que ce soit vrai… nous acceptons, en général, les apparences – jusqu’à preuve du contraire, MAIS avoir l’esprit critique exige un effort quasi-permanent de tout remettre en cause et en question… 🙂

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have you already seen or ever imagined that a tree could grow 2 different blooms? – well, I took these pictures yesterday, on my way to “down-village” when I came across this tree… it did seem to be a natural graft, which reminded me that, we often and tacitly reckon ‘credible’ any ‘stuff’ or text that we get to figure out… scientists did explain that the phenomenon of acceptance of a statement or an idea, is equivalent to the physical perception of an object – therefore if we can see it, logically speaking, it does exist, or if someone tells us something that we fully comprehend, there is a chance it’s true… we generally accept ‘appearances’ – until proven otherwise, BUT keeping a critical mind requires a quasi-permanent effort to question and to challenge everything… 🙂
* * *
have a blooming last day of March, folks! 🙂

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  1. I have a Rose of Sharon shrub that has white flowers but on a side branch the are purple flowers. So it does happen. It’s a beautiful little miracle.

  2. The photo didn’t appear, but we planted a Japanese ornamental apple tree years ago. It didn’t have apples, just some sort of small berries, and the blossoms were very deep pink. After thirteen years a stalk grew in its center with white blossoms, still surrounded by the pink blossomed tree. The inner tree grew until it not only was as large as the outer tree, but began to produce apples we could eat! Obviously a hybrid from an original fruit bearing tree. But as with witnesses to accidents, obviously what we see can be far from the truth. My husband and I were following a van on a road when a car came slowly out of a side street and without veering any or attempting to stop, it hit the van and bounced off turning slowly as it did and then going back down the street it came from and into the first driveway where it slowly drove into the back of a parked car and stopped. My husband was convinced there was a driver in the car, perhaps drunk or ill. The behavior of the car made me think that it had been left running without anyone in it and had slipped into gear. It turned out a teen had run into the first house leaving the car running. So, I was right, but my husband had a hard time accepting that, he was convinced he saw a driver.

    • interesting story, Eileen, merci-thanx… your hubby’s reaction and attitude did prove what I’ve written above: we accept ‘appearances’ – until proven otherwise… 🙂 P.S. try again to see the pix, please!

  3. Sometimes, all we have to do is accept the beauty in our lives.

  4. I took a picture of such a tree in our village, in Cantal the other day and then, out walking here, in Grenoble, hey presto there was another. What you say about Science and keeping an open mind and remaining ever questioning is SO important! 🙂

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