sweet petals – a delicious way to ring in April…:-)

well, spring has officially been here since March 21st… days have grown longer and lots of flowers have bloomed – a reason to celebrate this glorious time of year, yet dealing with frigid degrees after summertime temperatures… 🙂 which reminds me of the popular French saying:”en avril, ne te découvre pas d’un fil!” = in April, don’t remove a thread(of your clothing), meaning warm weather in April isn’t to be trusted… and it’s been true again, as it started to rain last night, and it’s still rainin’, BUT life goes on and April has just landed… 🙂 whenever I watch or listen to the weather forecast, I think: if it’s gonna rain all day long, tomorrow will be fine, rather than “whining” or “bitching” for it seems to be a lousy weekend… 🙂
* * *
more @ http://mymodernmet.com/ivenoven-succulent-cakes/ and @ https://www.instagram.com/p/BR3NFRoFBXJ/

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I guess we’re all both rational and emotional, and even though different, emotion and reason are complementary, playing interlaced roles, as they provide information and guide behavior… each emotion conveys its own message and moves us, and btw, the words ’emotion’, ‘move’ and ‘motivate’ have the same roots, and they show us what to seek and what to avoid… I’m aware that the only thing that may “save” us all is to stick together and be close to each other, since we’re all on the same “earthly boat”… long story, short: wish you a delightful April, full of positive and optimistic emotions… say ‘hello’ to it via these buttercream flower cakes, amazing edible sculptures by Ivenoven, an Indonesian ‘floral baker’… 🙂 watch her artwork:


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  1. Edible spring, yeah! Always look on the bright side, agree 100% with your philosophy Mélanie. And, if all else fails and we feel a bit down… a bit of sweet goes a long way. Happy Sunday!

  2. What exquisite cakes! I’ve not seen such artistry in buttercream before. Thank you for preserving their images, and for sharing with the rest of us. Happy April! ❤ WG

  3. The cakes are lovely, Melanie. I used to do a fair bit of that myself so I watched the Youtube video and subscribed to Ivenoven. She does lovely work. If the weather won’t co-operate the cakes will make up for it.

  4. Spring is my favorite season. I like your expression about April’s weather. One of the reasons I chose June for my trip was the weather was more to my liking. 🙂 Perhaps more of an early spring season, here.

    The flower cakes look divine. I have seen some of these before. When I got married in 1982, my friend made our wedding cake and she decorated it with real flowers, not the edible type… it was beautiful!

  5. That cake is too beautiful! So clever. So pretty. Happy April to you, my friend… may it be filled with natural wonder for you! xxx

  6. And autumn is here; the leaves are changing colour, and tonight we change the clocks.

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